BYUH Housing deals with overcrowding

Written by: 
Jared Roberts ~ Multimedia Journalist

In order to accommodate an influx of students, BYU-Hawaii Housing administrators have shuffled housing for male on-campus students and more than 160 female students, according to school officials. Administrators have moved male students out of Hale 2 into Hales 4, and 6 and have transformed building C in Temple View Apartments into single female student housing.

Tom Dao, the On-Campus Housing assignment coordinator, stated, “There were 160-plus female students in Hale 3 at the end of last school year, April 2014. No new additional spaces were opened for Fall and we had to accommodate all of these students from

Hale 3.” Dao also said the right side of Hale 2 was for male students and the left side was for female students. He said they have since converted Hale 2 into an all female dorm and the males that were in there are now in Hale 4. ​However, the men in Hale 4 will move out throughout the semester as spaces begin opening up. Hale 3 and Hale 5 will be completed next year for male students. They will be have three floors and be equipped with kitchens.

In order to resolve the problem further, BYUH Housing has reassigned students into Hales 1, 2, 4, and 6 lounges that have been converted into bedrooms with four bunk beds and eight students in each lounge.

“We lack privacy in the lounges,” said Lucas Garafalo, a sophomore from California studying business management. “I can’t speak for everyone, but the lounge I stay in has no blinds or curtains and only has four dressers for eight guys. We don’t have our own rest room unit either. It’s kind of unfair.”

However, even after the hale housing rearranging, there still was not enough room for female students. Housing administrators began to relocate families in Temple View Apartments (TVA), in order to move in single female students. Three families were asked to move out of TVA building C and where relocated to other TVA buildings. Female single students where then moved into building C.

“I assumed I’d have a room in the hales, but when I got here, I was told to check in at the TVA office. There are four of us in a studio, and we have to walk even further than other students,” said Brittany Tanuvasa, a freshman from Oregon studying music.

At this point, every student who has contacted the Housing Office for room assignments has been accommodated, according to BYUH Housing administrators.

The Housing Office has asked faculty and staff, along with community members, to open their homes for students still needing a room. They anticipate a number of cancellations from students who may decide to go home or did not even come, which will allow students staying in lounges an opportunity to obtain their own room.

The current number of students staying on campus is 1,203, with 793 being female and 410 being male, according to Housing administrators.