BYUH students welcome new First Presidency, sad to see Uchtdorf released

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Helam Lau

The new First Presidency of the LDS Church is truly inspired by God, said BYU-Hawaii students, even though they were sad to see Dieter F. Uchtdorf not be a part of it.


“It doesn’t bother me a lot whoever is called to be in the presidency. I love all members in the new presidency. However, I was just sad Elder Uchtdorf was dropped from the presidency. Most of the time, I looked forward to the next General Conference because of his talks, and I would read his talks first,” said Renea Elisha Buenaventura, a freshman from the Philippines majoring in accounting.


The last time a member of the First Presidency was not made a counselor again when a new prophet was called was in 1985, according to Marion G. Romney, who was Spencer W. Kimball’s first counselor, was not called again under Ezra Taft Benson.


“God has His own way,” said Buenaventura. “His knowledge is far better than ours. President Uchtdorf has other special tasks. Maybe he is the only one who is capable. I try to think in that way instead of him not being ... in the presidency.


“I expected Elder Nelson to be the President. … I thought the counselors would be the same and President Oaks would be the president of the twelve apostles.”


Elder Bill Garff, a senior missionary from Salt Lake, expressed full confidence in the new presidency. “They are good and righteous men who just have the interest of members of the church in mind and want to do the Lord’s will. They will take care of the church well.


“I met Elder Oaks personally, and I know his wife well as we went to high school together. As I know both of them, there is a personal relationship in it, and I know they are wonderful people.


“Years of membership in the church and seeing them in action, listening to their General Conference talks, experience that I had of being in training meetings with Elder Oaks, have given me the confidence. I was not surprised to hear that news.


“My wife and I had done a lot of guessing and we guessed Elder Oaks would be introduced into the presidency. It was just a guess, but not an inspiration. Our callings nor our testimony did not require us to know it beforehand until it was actually announced.”


Zipporah Kwok, a sophomore from Hong Kong majoring in graphic design, said, “Even though it is sad to hear President Uchtdorf leaving the Presidency, I think all is under God’s plan.”


Buenaventura added, “God will not call someone who would not do any good to the Church. I have full support to them. They said, ‘The best is not yet to come’ and I look forward to that too.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2018