BYUHSA divides into two organizations, opens up new leadership job positions

Written by: 
Antoniette Yee

The BYU-Hawaii Service Association conducted a student leadership forum on May 9 to inform students on new job and volunteer positions available with the Student Advisory Council and Student Associations in the upcoming school year. The presentation was hosted by BYUHSA President Tyler Pisciotta, Vice President Edward Cocker, and
Student Advisory Council Vice President Kate Hampton.

Pisciotta, a junior from Las Vegas studying biomedicine, said the goal was to educate students on what they can do as student leaders. “We wanted to inform the students about the new opportunities that are going to be available for summer and Fall. We just want everyone to come and get the information they needed.”

According to Pisciotta, BYUHSA will be restructured and split into Student Associations and Student Advisory Council. The positions under Student Associations are student manager, student assistant, two student supervisors of leadership, two student supervisors of logistics, and eight project managers. Further, positions that will be available for SAC are student director, student assistant, two student coordinators, and six project managers. Pisciotta said the positions mentioned will be open for Summer, and more positions will be available for Fall.

Pisciotta said it is an opportune time for the SAC and Student Associations to continue to grow and open up more leadership opportunities through adding more positions. “SAC helps students build bridges between what they see as a need or concern with the department directors. We also help them do it in a collaborative way that is service oriented and Christlike rather than representation or law enforcement.”

Cocker, a junior majoring in exercise and sports science from Tonga, said the purpose of the forum was to inform staff and students about the new structure and show students opportunities available for leadership skills.

“I would love to see students be involved with Student Associations and SAC so they can voice out their opinion and ideas for us to be aware of their concern,” Cocker continued.

Cocker said students should apply for the positions in the new structure to learn leadership skills and experience good opportunities. “You’re not only serving students, but also our school if you join the structure.”

Hampton, an international cultural studies senior from Utah, said students should apply for any position they feel they are interested in. “At first, I was not sure if I qualify for the position and I had doubts. I am so glad I applied for the position because I have had good opportunities.”

Jeanette Gonzales, an accounting senior from the Philippines, said BYUHSA could have explained the reason they are changing the structure and why the new structure is better than the old one.

Gonzales said, “I just hope that BYUHSA will be more active in terms of helping students. Instead of waiting for suggestions or complaints, they should be proactive in answering issues that are already obvious on campus. I never felt their presence ever since I came here. Since they are in a leadership position, they should be more proactive.”

Nasanbold Sukhbaatar, a senior studying hotel tourism and management from Mongolia, said the new leadership opportunities are a very good way to practice the student’s leadership skills. “I am interested to become a project manager. Aside from my personal benefits, I know that I will be able to help students like me and do volunteer work.”

Date Published: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Last Edited: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017