Campus Comment: How are you handling the stress of Spring Semester?

Written by: 
Anuhea Chen

Sashalei Fabricius, a hospitality and tourism management freshman from Samoa, said, “Honestly, singing and dancing, or I walk around outside. I like socializing and making people laugh so they don’t fall into the same stress.”


Kenna Davidson, a senior from California studying EXS and biomedicine, said, “I am enrolled in a drawing class and drawing, for me, relieves stress. I also make sure I go outside every day to feel like my day was well spent and not just indoors.”


Actson Langbata, a freshman majoring in political science from the Marshall Islands, said, “I go to counseling. I like to be with my friends and talk to people around me at the PCC. That really motivates me.”


Vanessa Hillman, a senior from Canada studying general music with an emphasis in voice, said, “I go to McDonald’s, and I’ve been sleeping more. I have so much to do, so if I don’t sleep I won’t be able to make it. Also, I’ve been prioritizing classes.”


Jackson Grubbe, a senior from Oregon studying English, said, “Keep a better pace. I signed up for this, so I knew what I was getting myself into.”


Key Dellona, a freshman with an undeclared major from California, said, “I plan out everything. What I need to do, when, and where I need to do it. But, I also have time for a break. It’s okay to take breaks. It helps you destress.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018