Campus Comment: What’s your biggest goal for the summer?

Written by: 
Hailey Kenyon

Kristi Nelson, a sophomore from Arizona majoring in TESOL education

“My biggest goal for summer is to work a lot, save money, and finish planning for my wedding.”


Cameron Spendlove, a sophomore from Utah studying business

“I'm doing an internship, and my biggest goal is to make sure I do want to be a supply chain operations major through my internship.”


Taylor McElhaney, a sophomore from California majoring in education

My biggest goal for the summer is to get prepared to serve a mission; I am excited to go shopping for my mission.”


Martine Gylseth, a freshman from Norway studying in business

To earn money and climb one of the highest mountains in Norway. It’s awesome, and my goal is to be able to climb it without being too tired.”


Joseph Pushnam, a junior from Malaysia majoring in business

The biggest goal I have for the summer is to get into more business projects within the campus grounds. I want to get more experience so I can build up my resume and help myself out by creating more opportunities for jobs in Malaysia.”


Clark Xu, a freshman from Taiwan studying computer science

This summer, I want to improve my conversation skills. I also want to work on my memory because I have a hard time remembering things.”


Date Published: 
Friday, July 20, 2018
Last Edited: 
Friday, July 20, 2018