Campus Comment: What’s your favorite scary/Halloween movie?

Written by: 
Shannon Crowley
Top row from left to right: Carter Moore, Mapuana Tauala, Kelsey Nay, Suzuki Mamoru  Bottom Row from left to right: Jessica Smith, Susan Nielsen, Kaohi Conradt, Hannah Broadwell


Carter Moore, a freshman from Nevada studying exercise science:  “‘Halloween,’ because it’s actually scary. A lot of other movies aren’t scary. I feel like movies from the ‘80s did really good with scary movies.”

Mapuana Tauala, a sophomore from Aiea, Hawaii, studying political science: “I watched ‘The Ring’ and I watched ‘The Grudge’ when I was 12 or 10, but [when] I watched it, I was tripping out. It took me a long, long time to get over it.”

Kelsey Nay, a freshman from Utah studying vocal performance: “I like having ‘Insidious’ marathons. They’re not really scary, and they have an actual storyline. They’re not just straight up scares. I also like the movie ‘The Boy’ because it has a twist ending.”

Suzuki Mamoru, a junior from Japan studying accounting: ‘“Biohazard.’ It’s a movie where some scientists mistakenly leak a dangerous virus, and a lot of people are infected and become zombies. It’s a cool movie because it’s an action movie, but it’s also scary because the zombies will pop up.”

Jessica Smith, a junior from California studying peacebuilding: “I really like the movie ‘A Quiet Place.’ I feel like it is an experience to watch it. Every emotion is involved. I watched it for the first time in the theatre here in Laie right when it came out, and I feel like everyone in the theatre bonded because it was so intense and it was freaky. It was a fun movie to watch.”

Susan Nielsen, a sophomore from Colorado studying music: “I love ‘Jurassic Park.’ I love dinosaurs to be honest.”

Kaohi Conradt, a senior from Kona, Hawaii, studying business management operation and supply chain: “‘The Conjuring,’ and we also watched ‘The Haunted House.’ We watched a little bit of it, and then we didn’t feel good about it, so we changed it. We started watching another scary movie, but we still felt off. So, we went ahead and started watching funny Youtube videos instead.”

Hannah Broadwell, a freshman from North Carolina studying vocal performance: “I like watching ‘Stranger Things’ because everything else creeps me out too much.”


Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Last Edited: 
Friday, October 19, 2018