Campus Comment What are the creepiest places in Laie?

Written by: 
Gosuke Kawano

Madelyn Giron, a sophomore from Louisiana studying international cultural studies (communications and peacebuilding) :

“Well I live on Wahinepe‘e St by the Hukilau Cafe. I often have to ride my bike home or walk if my bike is broken, which is often late at night due to my night classes. When I turn unto Lanihuli St and then Loala St, I always get scared because there are no street lamps, and it's really dark except for a very dim light on the corner or Wahinepe‘e and Loala St. There is a bunch of cats around that just jump out of nowhere when you walk or ride by, and the cemetery being so close creeps me out even more at night.”


Connie Lam Ka Ka, a senior from Macau studying TESOL:

“I think the new road towards TVA from Hale 9 is quite scary because it's so dark at nighttime. Any place is so dark at night is creepy to me because I'm so used to the city lights in my hometown.”


Jashon Fabia, an alumnus from the Philippines who majored in music and psychology:

“The Testing Center–there is an overwhelming power of darkness when you are not prepared and missed classes. Thankfully, I’m a graduate.”


Sung Yuen Chen, a senior exercise and sports science major from Hong Kong:

“The bus stop at Laie [food court] is kind of creepy, especially at night time.”



Joseph Noronha Pushnam. a sophomore from Malaysia studying accounting and business supply chain management:

“I do feel an uneasiness walking through Laie close to or past midnight. There have been some occasions where I had to walk alone through the familiar maze community of Laie and the campus but at times the eerie silence can be quite creepy, even in TVA. Often I'd sing or hum hymns during these lonely hours to shake off the weight of silence.”


Adolfo Arellano, a junior political science major from Mexico:

“I think Malekahana at night because there are a lot of crazy people, but Laie is really calm compared to Mexico.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Last Edited: 
Saturday, November 4, 2017