Campus Comment: What are your goals for 2018?

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Gosuke Kawano

Yusheng Xu, a freshman from China majoring in computer science

“Be a better student and serve others because this is what God would like to see me do. In addition, keeping a high score helps me to relieve my financial burden as well as helping others makes me happy.”


Junhee Kim, a sophomore from South Korea majoring in TESOL

He said he wants to work hard to prepare for welcoming a second baby next year. Coming to the end of his Japanese minor, he would like to keep diligently studying the language. As an employee of the Language Center, he said he tries to work as if he were a Korean teacher at BYUH and wants to improve his skills so he can teach students more effectively.


Ephraim Insigne, a sophomore from the Philippines majoring in accounting

His goal is to get an internship opportunity in Los Angeles and master French to the point that he can speak “conversationally well.” He said he also hopes to have a girlfriend.


Lindsey Ann Porter, a junior from Utah studying biomedical

She said she wants to “seek to understand people more and judge them less,” keep walking brightly before the Lord, have what she described as “spiritual posture,” and maintain a change of heart by being humble and trusting in the Lord’s plan.


She said she would like to work on not doubting herself and “trust in an all-knowing God.” Hoping to get into medical school, she said she wants to work on having faith in God, doing her best while seeking his will in all she does, and accept the outcomes she faces.


Pei-Hsuan Wang, a sophomore from Taiwan studying psychology and graphic design

She said she wants to start taking a lot of graphic design classes. She also said she would like to start getting back into an exercise routine, which she has not been doing because of her busy schedule.


Wan said she would love to travel more and hopes to visit Oregon, California, and Europe.  She is already planning to go to other islands in Hawaii during the year.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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