Campus Comment: What do you like and dislike about the new Seasider?

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Gosuke Kawano

Michelle Khoo, a sophomore from Malaysia studying exercise science:

Like: “It’s really spacious, and the seats are nicer and there are lots of more room to study and hang out. I really like it.

Dislike: “More Halloween decorations for now because I just like Halloween a lot. Maybe more food a little bit. There is only one person at the cash registers especially during peak hours. [The wait] is too long.”


Ryan Ng, a senior from Hong Kong studying psychology:

Like: “I like the area that has been expanded and made nicer because of renovation.”

Dislike: “But I am disappointed that the management took away the microwave...”


Amy Copley, a sophomore Illinois studying graphic design and art education:

Like: “I think the looks are way more upscale now with that floor. And I noticed there is a lot more seating, but I thought it’s kind of weird because last year when I went in there, there was less seating.”

Dislike: No comment


Guillermo Ucelay, a senior from Spain majoring in political science:

Like: “The new one seems to have improved the food. That [is] quite cool.”

Dislike: “I really liked the old one. It was really special for me. There is a lot of space, but I don’t know if we need that much space.”


Jonathan Jessop, a senior from Oregon studying hospitality and tourism management:

Like: “I like the food and the new setup where we can actually hang out and eat there.”

Dislike: “What I don't like is that it's never really clear where you order or if there's a line or not, and where to wait for your food. The layout doesn't seem intuitive and the staff aren't proactive in serving people.”


Brandon Johnson, an alumnus from New Jersey:

Like: “The Seasider looks a lot cleaner… I really like the floor. I think there is a lot more openness. It looks more spaced out with the movement of the store over to the new location.

Dislike: “It really lacks a lot of styles. There are no posters up right now. There is nothing eye catching, it [is] just kind of bland and boring. It would be definitely a lot of more aesthetically pleasing if we had cool lights or paintings on the wall. The salad bar could be a lot better too.”


Paige Wurtzbacher, a freshman from Illinois majoring in psychology:

Like: “I eat there every Friday. I really like their sandwiches and Paninis, and their ice cream is really good. I used to work at Jimmy Johns, so I used to make tons of sandwiches. We always had avocado spread. That is something I’ve been craving.”

Dislike: No comment


Erica Greer, a junior from Washington, D.C. studying exercise science and special education:

Like: “The best chili and rice I’ve ever eaten is at [the] Seasider. Every single time that is my go to food because it is absolutely delicious and pretty cheap. I like the setup, [they have a] super kind staff.

Dislike: “I don’t like the super high prices on food, like on milkshakes, açaí bowls, or paninis. But I love the variety they have at Seasiders. I like the new set up. Very roomy.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017