Campus Comment: What do you do to honor your mom on Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day Campus Comment
Ally Sipple

Utah, freshman, exercise science

“On Mother’s Day, my dad and I always make my mom breakfast in bed to start out her day right. She has never been one to desire gifts or material things. Instead, I always make an extra effort to serve her and let her know how loved and appreciated she is. I like to write her a meaningful card and share my appreciation for her through words.”

Roche Donato

Qatar, freshman, exercise science

“Whenever I am away from my mom on Mother’s Day, I make sure to call her and talk to her as often as I can. When I am at home, my dad and I work together to either make her a special gift or a special treat. We always spend time as a family and either go out to eat or go to the park together. The best gift is being together.”

Marcia Suwanto

Indonesia, sophomore, hospitality and tourism management

“In Indonesia, Mother’s Day is not widely celebrated. In fact, it falls on December 22 instead of being in May like here in America. As a kid, when I was in school, we would always make art projects in class to give to our mothers.”

Amaraa Batabaatar

Mongolia, senior, accounting

“Mother’s Day is not a holiday that is celebrated in Mongolia. However, we do celebrate Children’s Day on June 1, which is similar to how Mother’s Day is celebrated in America. On this day, we celebrate both children and their mothers. However, the excitement of the holiday is usually focused more on the children.”

Chris Chandroo

California, senior, biomedicine

“Growing up, my family and I always treated my mom to a special breakfast at a restaurant near our house. Now that I am not living at home, I send my mom an edible arrangement every year and have it delivered the week of Mother’s Day. My family and I also all do a group Skype on Mother’s Day.”

Tiffany Au

Hong Kong, sophomore, business management

“Growing up in the church, every Mother’s Day was always very special, and I was able to show love to my mom through participating in musical numbers at church. From Primary to Young Women’s, we always prepared a special song to sing to our mothers and then presented them with gifts after church. This is a great memory for me, and I hope that my children do the same when I am a mom.”

Date Published: 
Friday, May 12, 2017
Last Edited: 
Friday, May 12, 2017