Campus Comment: What have you done during the summer?

Written by: 
Dorothy Ng

Mary Rose Lupisan

Philippines, TESOL Education, Sophomore

“I got to conquer my fear. I went to Koko Head. It was a steep hike, but I got to conquer it.”

Kuyo Ulii

Laie, Associates of Art & Sciences

“Besides working… hanging out with friends, going to dance and getting food were the funniest thing I have done.”

Jacqueline Nguyen

Hong Kong, TESOL Education, Junior

“I went to Waikiki and tried to be like a tourist.”

Hamoni Akau

Tonga, Information Technology, Senior

“I am just relaxing and enjoying the breeze.”

Joshua Chow

Taiwan, Business Management, Freshman

“I went to beaches.”

Spencer Tobias

Philippines, Music, Senior

“I gout out a lot. Through going out, I am able to write a lot of songs because I can get different ideas.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, September 2, 2017
Last Edited: 
Saturday, September 2, 2017

NOTE: This story was featured in the Sept. 2017 print issue.