Campus Comment: What kind of candy do you miss from home?

Written by: 
Alyssa Walhood ~ Multimedia Journalist

Photo 1
Effie Dela Cruz, a sophomore in business from the Philippines
“Sour punk. It’s like Red Vines but really sour. They’re long and stringy and come in different flavors. It’s kind of addictive.”

Photo 2
Satoshi Iino, a sophomore in accounting from Japan
“Hi Chew. They taste different in Japan. They have pineapple and it’s my favorite.”

Photo 3
Leslie Owusu, a freshman in English from Virginia
“Probably candy corn. I haven’t had it in a while and it’s part of Halloween.”

Photo 4-5
Hiromasa and Inori Tsuchiya, he’s a senior in accounting from Japan
“Pure-gumi. It’s like sour jello. It’s like a sour patch. We love those candies!”

Photo 6
Michaela Munger, a sophomore in ICS Peace Building from Oregon
“I really miss Swedish fish because my brother and I always used to buy it when I first got my license. We bonded over it.”

Photo 7
Manu Danielson, a junior in psychology from Arizona
“I’m a huge fan of fruit snacks. I really love Gushers and those 100 percent juice Welches…Oh my gosh I love those.”

Photo 8
Rachel Frietz, a junior in marine biology from Arizona
“My favorite candy would be de la Rosa, these Mexican peanut circle things. It’s like a solid powder and tastes like peanut butter, sort of.”

Photo 9
Ana Seini Kolo, a sophomore in political science from Tonga
“There is a treat I like that I really miss. It’s like waffle with chocolate. It’s called billow.”

Photo 10
Robati Iotebatu, a sophomore in IT from Kiribati
“Kati-ni-ben, it’s made from coconut and brown sugar. We have a lot of coconut candy sweets in Kiribati.”