Campus Comment: What services and stores do you wish were available in Laie?

Written by: 
Gosuke Kawano

We asked students, staff, and community members what they wished to see in Laie, and most siad they would like to see more stores and services available so they don't have to drive for more than 30 minutes.

Jeff Strain, director of Enterprise Information Systems, said he would like to have more housing places in the Laie community. He said, “I think housing options would be the one thing. Maybe having the farmers market more often would be good.”

Becky Strain, adjunct faculty in the Religion Department, said, “More playgrounds for kids. Better sidewalks and bike lanes. I’m okay with retail setup right now, I kind of like it rural.”

Randy Coleman, a senior missionary from Utah, said, “More walking paths or biking trails. I live in Hauula, and the road from here to there is dangerous.

“I think the amount of stores they have here is adequate for the amount of people here. I like the small size of it.”

Laura Hinze, a senior marine biology major from Washington, said, “Thrift shops! I love thrift shops! That’s where I do most of my shopping. That’s probably one thing I wish the most. I [would] also appreciate cheaper places to buy foods.”

Parker Bird, a senior international cultural studies major from Utah, said he would love to have something he can do at night with friends. “I know about the Hub, but [I wish there was] something a little bit more open and bigger. Maybe an outdoor complex with a volleyball setup with lights and things like that. I’d also like to have Chipotle.”

Carli Schubert, a junior exercise and sports science major from California, said, “Definitely another grocery store.  All we really have are burger places around here, so it would be nice to have something different.”

Byeong Kwon Kim, a senior exercise and sports science major from South Korea, said he really likes the relaxing environment and people in the community. “I’m really satisfied with the environment here. I just like this community. We have Foodland, that is enough.”

Emi Nakamura, a freshman hospitality and tourism management major from Japan, listed some Japanese stores and things she wished to have from her home country. “I’d like to have cheap clothing stores, UNIQLO, Mujirushi, a dollar store, Daiso, Seria, a variety store, penny candy store, hot springs, and a hot stone bath.”

Melissa Fifita, a freshman political science major from Tonga, said she would be satisfied in this community if there were a Costco and KFC here. “Costco is very cheap. You can get cheap stuff.”

Jasmine Lam, a sophomore international cultural studies major from Hong Kong, said, “I think we have to add more entertainment facilities because now we only have the cinema.”

Bradley Highsmith, a senior exercise and sports science major from North Carolina, said he would love to have a Costco and sporting rental shops. He also mentioned it would be nice to have a laundromat.

Mele Kava, a junior mathematics education major from Waimanalo, said she’d like to try roller blading instead of going to the beach or hiking. When it comes to stores, She said she would like “Costco and Walmart; other stores rather than Foodland.”

Kat Fui, an English graduate of 2010 from Hauula who works at the mail center, said she wants to have a bigger gym and a day care because she is the mother of a 3-year-old daughter.  

“There are preschools and that stuff, but there are not really any day cares around.” She also said she wants to have a scooter rental place in Laie. The closest scooter rental shop is located at Turtle Bay.

Simon Elam, a freshman elementary education major from Georgia, said he wants to have bigger stores like Wal-Mart. “I like the bigger cities, so more things to do; maybe like a concert or things like that.”

Jie-Hua Lin, a senior accounting and hospitality and tourism management major from Taiwan, said, “I wish we [had] a center where we can go and have fun. Kind of like the Hub, but more entertainment.”

She said she would like bigger shopping stores like Wal-Mart and a big theater.

Date Published: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Last Edited: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017