Campus Comment: What is your favorite thing about fall in Hawaii? In general?

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Mackenzie Beaver
Top from left to right: Satoshi Ito, Dugan Ling-Thiem, Geneve Ashworth. Bottom from left to right: Hidden Garnet Canite, Kendall Pryor, Anna Sheffield.


Satoshi Ito, a freshman from Japan studying psychology said, “It is weird being here during fall. It doesn’t really feel like fall because it is super hot. In Japan around this time it starts to get colder, but here it doesn’t feel any different. This is my first semester here so I don’t know what to expect from a ‘Hawaii’ fall.”

Dugan Ling-Thiem, a freshman from Tahiti studying psychology said, “I have actually never experienced a fall, but I would have to say all the sports in the fall is what I like the most about this season. I am from Bora Bora, and now I live in Hawaii, so I have never really experienced a fall before.”

Geneve Ashworth, a senior from Washington studying hospitality and tourism management said, “I haven’t experienced a ‘real’ fall since coming to school in Hawaii, but I really enjoy the falls here. I love watching the strawberry-guava plants bloom and the waves get bigger. Everything is just so luscious here in the fall.”

Hidden Garnet Canite, a sophomore from Germany studying biomedicine said, “I love the weather here in the fall. I enjoy the sunlight and cloudy mix that we get here in Hawaii. I also love the fall energy here. I think that is because it is the beginning of a new semester, the students are all upbeat and joyful. The fall energy is more fun, whereas when we get into the winter months, I feel the energy die down.”

Kendall Pryor, a senior from Utah studying human resources, said, “When I think of fall, I am reminded of my mission. I served in upstate New York and I love the color change of the leaves and the change of weather. This is super cliché but I love the smell of fall. It has a particular smell to it and I love the fall air. I really enjoy fall in Hawaii, it is sort of like a Twilight Zone here- the weather isn’t too hot, and we haven’t hit the rainy season yet.”

Anna Sheffield, an undeclared junior from Iowa, said, “My favorite thing about fall is the change in the weather, the leaves changing colors, and my birthday is in the fall. It is actually the day before Halloween, so I look forward to fall every year because of that. Fall is sort of a kick-off to the other holidays for me, and it starts with my birthday on Oct. 30.”


Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018