Campus Comment: What's one of the best pranks you've been a part of?

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Leslie Owusu
Six BYU-Hawaii students were asked what was the best prank they've ever been a part of.


Junya Murakani

Japan, sophomore, computer science
“While I was on my mission, my companion and I went to another companionship’s flat, and we unscrewed the door hinges to their bathroom. He hid the hinges at the bottom of a rice container. We hid the door behind the fridge. Then we put a sign on their toilet saying ‘Gross! Didn’t your mom teach you to close the door when you use the toilet?’”


DJ Magee

Maryland, alumnus, business management
“When I was younger, my mom took red Jell-o and put Tabasco sauce in it. So much hot Tabasco sauce that when we ate it was super spicy and she was laughing really hard.”


Rachel Neeland

Arizona, junior, elementary education
“I would always play pranks on my best friend’s car. I’ve Saran wrapped it and Oreoed it. That’s when you take an Oreo, split it apart, and use the creme to stick it on the car. She was not amused.”


Alex Doggett

Utah, senior, social work
“When my brother was a little younger, he was reading ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.’ The night before April Fool’s Day, I went around with red lipstick, and in all of the bathrooms in our house, I wrote ‘The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware’ and he basically peed his pants when he went into the bathroom the next morning. I had to clean all the bathrooms, but it was worth it.”


Wallace Pelesasa

Samoa, sophomore, fine arts
“It was someone’s birthday and before they walked through the door, we cracked the door open and put a bucket of chocolate syrup hanging between the door and the door frame. Once they opened it, it fell on top of them. But it back fired because the chocolate didn’t spill on them, the bucket hit them in the head. They were very angry.”


Kehaulani Riemer

Tahiti, sophomore, business
“My last morning before going home from my mission, two sisters grabbed me and put a pillowcase over my head. It was dark because it was 6 in the morning. They... threw me into a trunk of a car... I had no idea where we were going. I could just hear them laughing... They finally stopped, carried me through the snow [and] placed me on the ground. They took off the pillowcase, and I got a pie in my face.”
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Friday, April 14, 2017
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Friday, April 14, 2017

This story was featured in the April 2017 print issue.