Campus Comment: When do you think Christmas should actually begin—the music, shopping, and decorating?

Written by: 
Mackenzie Beaver
From left to right (Top): Sera Hone, Seth Tibungcog, Kenneth Francis. Bottom: Enkhmyagmar Erdenetsogt, Lindsey Terry, Samuel Sndersen


Sera Hone, a junior from Utah studying communications, said, “Christmas begins Nov. 1, 110 percent. I love Christmas, and I would listen to Christmas music year-round if it was socially acceptable.”

Seth Tibungcog, a sophomore from the Philippines studying business, said, “Back home we start in September when the ‘-ber’ months begin, and I think that is a lot of fun. Everyone loves it and the countdown to December. I grew up this way, so I personally think we should start celebrating in September.”

Kenneth Francis, a sophomore from Japan studying psychology, said, “Christmas music and decorations should definitely begin after Thanksgiving. That way there is less confusion, and we actually know what we are getting ourselves into. Plus, this way, people won’t forget about Thanksgiving.”

Enkhmyagmar Erdenetsogt, a senior from Mongolia studying communications, said, “I feel that Christmas should start at the end of November—that way it allows people to get more excited for Christmas, rather than let it get dragged out for super long.”

Lindsey Terry, a freshman from Washington studying art, said, “Christmas begins in the middle of November, that way, it is not overbearing. Technically it is still fall, so I like to enjoy the fall months. I actually keep my Christmas stuff up a little after Christmas—I like to enjoy the winter season.”

Samuel Sndersen, a freshman from California studying political science, said, “Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving—that is how I did it growing up. It is tradition. Back home in California, we cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and set it up. I’m from a small town, so the day after Thanksgiving there is always a huge Christmas festival, and it’s a lot of fun.”


Date Published: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Last Edited: 
Thursday, December 6, 2018