Campus Fitness Center, pool help student get and stay strong

Written by: 
DeVaughn Huntoon-Jones ~ Multimedia Journalist

To keep fit, improve their endurance, reduce stress and rehab injuries, are all reasons students said they go to the BYU-Hawaii Fitness Center. The center hosts a variety of events and competitions, promoting physical and mental health for students through exercise. The university pool also offers facilities and programs to help people get the workouts they desire.

Chris Timothy, a senior exercise science major and employee at the Fitness Center, said, “There's usually lots of regulars here, but a lot of different people come in.”

A variety of programs bring patrons regularly, including the BYUH Biggest Loser program fun for BYUH employees by the Human Resources Department. Timothy said, “It's what they do on TV, except BYUH style. They work out three times a week and there's a winner each semester.”

Additionally, BYUH’s Crossfit program attracts a variety of athletes and students each week. Crossfit is often described as the most physically demanding workout series someone can participate in, and BYUH's program is no exception. But the rigor of the program doesn't stop the flow of participants. “There's usually 20 people or so,” Timothy said.

Matt Medonich, a senior ICS major from Las Vegas and one of the regulars at the Fitness Center, described his workout routine as “just something I do to stay in shape.” An avid skater, surfer, and skimboarder, Medonich said, “Some lifts can give you that power you need in your legs so you don't get tired.”

Students said they lift for a variety of purposes. Nathan Hullinger, a freshman in business from Idaho, said, “I got into it for rehab for my knee,” describing the aftermath of a ligament tear he sustained playing football.

Karena Christy, a senior in elementary education from Laie, said, “I work out as often as I can. It helps relieve stress.”

A short walk from the Fitness Center is the school's lap pool, another facility that promotes student physical health through exercise. Haley Bowen, lifeguard for three years and a junior in biology from Alabama, said, “There's typically lap swimmers here working on cardio.” The pool also hosts a variety of programs, such as the water aerobics class. Bowen said, “Mostly older people from the community participate in that every Saturday morning.”

Details for events and programs held by the pool and the Fitness Center, in addition to their hours and closings, can be found on the bulletin boards outside each facility.