Campus library hosts Halloween games and prizes

Written by: 
Makaila Bergeson ~ Multimedia Journalist

Join in the adventure as the Joseph F. Smith Library celebrates Halloween with its yearly Hidden Treasures activity, as well as its staff hat competition. Hidden Treasures will take place on Oct. 31 when the library will host a variety of games available to all students. Prizes will be awarded to all those who participate in these games.

Yvonne Hernandez, one of the workers at Joseph F. Smith Library, explained, “So we will have different games going on, like for example, Circulation will be doing a balloon dart game, and there are questions in each of the balloons. If students pop it, they have to answer the questions, and then they get a token. If you miss, you can keep playing, and come back later. You just go to the different booths, they’ll tell you the different rules of the game, and then you can play.” Hernandez continued, “Hidden Treasures is open to anyone that comes in the library and you can play as much as you want.”

Games will be located in various locations all over the library from places such as the Circulation Desk, Media Services, and the Copy Center. The games will vary from Wheel of Fortune, to balloon darts, and of course a treasure hunt around the library. All the questions asked at the various games will be about the Joseph F. Smith Library, she said, to help students better understand the available resources around them.

Upon winning a game, players will receive a token that then can be traded in at the prize booth, just outside the library, for some Halloween treats. Hidden Treasures will be available from 10:30 a.m. until library workers run out of candy and prizes.

Tim Reissen, a freshman in painting from Utah, compared Hidden Treasures to an American childhood memoir. Reissen said, “It’s basically like Chuck E Cheese’s, because you get tokens and happiness, and you redeem those tokens for joy. I think this a cool idea. I mean who doesn’t want to be happy? It’s just fun cause you’re playing games and you’re getting prizes.”

Along with the Hidden Treasures activities, the library will also be hosting its yearly staff and faculty hat competition. Student Library Worker Sarah Hite, a senior in business marketing from North Carolina, explained the logistics of the hat competition. “We put up a board, and tack all the pictures of the hats onto the board. We make it anonymous so people don’t know who made the hats or anything, but we tack the category underneath the picture of the hat so people know what book the hat was made from. Then we have a box where students can write on a slip of paper, which hat they like the best, and put it in the box. Whichever hat has the most votes wins. I think the supervisors had a lot of fun with that, and we encourage everyone to come and vote. The board is right in front so right when you walk in you can see it.”

Hernandez excitedly talked further about the hat competition, and some of the hats from last year. She said, “The secretary from last year was Mary Poppins, and I was Hilo Hattie, the entertainer. People don’t know her, but I had a book with it to show people. Maria, and her students workers in the Copy Center participated and they dressed up like Dr. Suess characters. One was Horton the Elephant, and that was really nice. It was so creative of them.”