Career Center: Helping students get LinkedIn to online professional networking

Written by: 
Robinia Tan~Multimedia Journalist

With the goal to introduce students to websites that could help them professionally in the future, the Career Center organized a workshop on Feb. 1 on the subject.

The lecturer, David Dooley, graduated from BYU in Provo and worked for Career Services, which he describes as “help[ing] students be connected to opportunities.” Before that, he worked in educational administration at a high school.

Dooley started by introducing the website, LinkedIn is an online networking system that can help people find jobs. Dooley said it was a tool “to exchange professional information.” However, before starting to exchange information, students must first create a profile with the correct information, resume and portfolio.

“That’s what LinkedIn is all about and it’s also about helping people make connections to other people professionally,” he said. “So beyond just finding jobs and helping us make connections with people in industry, we may need to make connections when we are working professionally.”

Another website he introduced to help students to be able to use LinkedIn effectively, was Students from BYU-Hawaii can use their BYUH emails to create accounts on the website. The site has video tutorials that can help students who don’t know where to start.

“I already have five connections that connect me with millions of people all over the world,” said Anna Robbins, a junior in exercise sports science from New Mexico. She said she was excited about LinkedIn when she created her profile as instructed by Dooley. She said there are companies she didn’t know about until someone mentioned them online. “It ‘s going to be cool to be able to be involved with those other companies that I didn’t know about that are related to my career,” she said.

“I think the most helpful advice was learning how common networking is and how important it is to getting a job,” said Andrea Hansen, a senior in ICS from Denver, Colo.