Carnival is thrown to encourage all to enjoy the HUB

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Shannon Crowley
Participants could win various prizes, including stuffed animals, at the HUB carnival.


The HUB opened its doors to the community as it sported a carnival-themed event on Tuesday, Nov. 27, featuring two bounce houses in front, as well as multiple mini games inside and outside of the center. Members of the Fiji club came to support and help out with the event, later on explaining the joy they had from seeing kids play games and have fun with their families. 

Josh Black, a sophomore from Washington majoring in business and worker at the HUB, was setting up inside the HUB before the event with members of the Fiji club.

Black expressed his excitement before the event, “At the HUB Carnival, you’ve got prizes and everything over there on the wall. It's going to be pretty exciting, I’m actually really pumped about it.”

He explained how the goal of the evening was to entice more visitors from the community to come and enjoy what the HUB has to offer. “We were trying to think of a way we could use our space better, to get more kids and more people from the town in, that’s the plan. We decided a carnival would be fun. It’d be like what we’d do for an elementary school, so that’s how we sort of got the idea.

“If it goes well, we do hope to keep on doing things like this. It all depends on how many people turn out. We need community support and the support of students.”

Black discussed what activities the HUB was hosting for their carnival. “We have a couple of things we don’t usually do. We’re using our ping pong table to do cup pong, which is a variation of a common college game. We’re playing air hockey, and we have towers of soda cans on our pool table.”

Scanning around the room at the multiple games inside of the center, Black paused before he said, “We are using the space in a way we usually don’t, but it’s very cool.”

Pointing out the games further back, he explained, “Besides having the pool tables and ping pong tables, we [also] have the bowling alley set up for a couple of different games tonight, so it’s going to be fun to see.”

Cody Barney, a junior from Utah majoring in political science, said he heard about the event at the HUB from his friend Sarah Sharpe who he came with that evening. “I like the free stuff, free stuff is the best. I wish the tickets were free so I could get a stuffed animal.”

Barney added his opinion on themed nights at the HUB, “[The events] are pretty cool. I’d like to see a western theme next time.”

Then acknowledging how the HUB catered its services to the college students and opened itself up to the community, Barney said, “Colleges are meant to benefit both students from around the world and the communities they’re in, so, I think it’s great.”

Members from the Fiji club walked together as they left the event, having just finished their service. According to them, it was something they wanted to do together to earn money for their club.

Ruci Sekitoga, a senior from Fiji majoring in social work, related how they had just found out about the need for helpers the day before. “We offered to come help. I feel like it was an awesome opportunity to earn funds as well.”

On what else they liked about helping out the HUB that evening, Emele Taivei, a senior from Fiji majoring in social work, said, “We met kids and played games.”

Pita Taukei, a freshman from Fiji majoring in business management, agreed with Taivei. “That was the best part, where you see the kids happy, because there was a lot of candy floss, shaved ice and there was food.”

Taukei, motioning back to the entrance of the HUB where two giant basketball tosses were, said, “I was [in charge of] the basketball toss outside of the HUB tonight.”

Sekitoga said she was in charge of the “knock the cans game” at the pool tables. “It was fun for me because it was quite similar to a different game that we played back home in Fiji called Pani. It’s a similar thing, but it’s on the ground with like big tins, and you try to knock them down.”

Taukei, motioning to the large toy the group had brought from the carnival, said, “We actually won this stuffed unicorn–”

Sekitoga interjected, “For a little girl. There was a little girl that came and she was trying to get this unicorn. It was fifty tickets, and she managed to get twenty of them. And then her family left. So we played and–”

Taivei cut in, motioning to Seru, saying, “Hannah here gave five dollars, so that we could buy fifteen more tickets and get the rest of the prize tickets for the unicorn.”


Date Published: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018