Christmas music, calling family, and acting out the Nativity scene among ways students keep Christ in Christmas

Written by: 
Kelsy Simmons

Some BYU-Hawaii students shared how they feel Christ is being taken out of Christmas while offering what they do to make sure they are worshipping him during the holiday season.

“The purpose of Christmas is to feel the joy and share love with other people... Without remembering him, Christmas is just another festival,” said Yoshiki Nakyama, a freshman TESOL major from Japan.

Nakyama said church and Christmas songs help him remember Christ. He sang in two Christmas performances with the Concert Choir, which he said was a platform for him to worship. “I will sing my heart out so we can share the joy with other people,” he added.

Nelson Loveridge, a junior exercise sports science major from California, said, “[My family] normally invites a different family from our ward over. Sometimes it’s a less active, recent convert or investigator. We will decorate gingerbread houses and [do a] gift exchange.”

Venus Chang, a senior political science major from Taiwan, said she likes watching new Christmas videos from the LDS Church. “Everything in those [videos] is about Christ…[and] family too. Having activities with my family is how I celebrate [Christmas]. It can be just simple activities, even just dinner, talking or watching TV.”

Ottley Wright, a sophomore graphic design major from Colorado, said she reflects on the life of the Savior and evaluates herself. “I just try my best to be more like [Christ]… My family and I like to make goodie baskets and deliver them to people in the ward, like older folks widows and people in need. We just make sure people are being thought of during the holiday season.”

Kaelah Clark, a junior biomedical major from Florida, said, “My favorite things are doing a live Nativity with my cousins and my grandparents. We read the story and everyone acts it out.”

Percy Sa‘u, a senior graphic design major from Samoa, said, “I think [Christ’s] main message for us is family. So to put him in my Christmas is to put him in my family and share the same love that Christ has for us. I’m going to call them on Christmas Eve.”

Rizal Anak Takin, a freshman TESOL from Malaysia, said, “I read the scriptures together with my family and discuss Christ’s birth in the New Testament. Here, I am going to do the same thing with my friends.”

Magalo Taavao, an undecided freshman from Samoa, said he reads scriptures about the Atonement. “Back in Samoa, we used to go visiting and let others know the spirit of Christmas is about love.”

Date Published: 
Friday, December 23, 2016
Last Edited: 
Friday, December 23, 2016