Club presidencies adjust promotion efforts for new Spring Semester

Written by: 
Vic Zhong Mongan

Current BYU-Hawaii club presidents said their efforts to promote their associations won’t decrease even though there won’t be many students attending school for the upcoming Spring Semester.


After attending a meeting for the presidents on April 12, Alvin Patrick Oldem, a junior from the Philippines majoring in business, said, “The first 40 chapters who go to the SLS Office and sign up will be the 40 operating chapters only for Spring Semester. They told us they will be doing World Fest, but it’s only for one day.”


Heye Ma, a freshman from China majoring in accounting, said the China Club will have more activities and focus on the needs of students, especially new ones. “If they have a lot of friends who are attending the club, then most likely they will come and be with their friends. Before we do every activity, we will announce ahead of time what we are going to do and how fun it is so we can spark their interest. It’s also good if we put more effort on inviting people to the club through all the members we already have.


“We are expanding the leadership in the China Club to ensure members are involved.”


Oldem said, “In my presidency, there are 16 of us. I told them how everyone of us has to invite at least 10 people to the club, including five Filipinos and five non-Filipinos.” He emphasized, “We don’t limit the chapter just for Filipinos. It’s for everyone.”


Erica Greer, a junior from Virginia majoring in exercise science and the president of the Dive Club, explained, “We have a Facebook page, and what we are going to do is promote through Facebook. Apparently, people all around the campus have been finding me and members of my presidency and asking if we are going to offer certifications next semester. It has been a lot of questioning whether or not it’s going to happen. We can get back to people’s questions and extend our invitations through Facebook. It’s the best semester to dive because the weather is so nice and the water is just beautiful.”


Kayne Palmer, a sophomore from Australia majoring in supply chain and operations and president of the Outdoor Adventure Club, said, “We had a huge sign up at the beginning [of Winter Semester], then a steady stream of people joined throughout the semester even down to the last couple weeks because their member friends love [the club] so much.


The Outdoor Adventure Club will be temporarily closed for next semester, according to Palmer. He said, “It’s the cost vs. benefit issue. It’s one of the biggest and most expensive clubs to run. It takes a lot of work each week as well. Seeing there won’t be that many students at school, it won’t be worth it. It still cost us almost the same, no matter how many come.”


Palmer said she’s looking forward to Fall Semester. “Fall attracts a lot of students who’ve never been on the island before, and the club provides an excellent opportunity for them to explore Oahu.” He added, “We had almost 200 students last Fall.”

Date Published: 
Friday, April 27, 2018
Last Edited: 
Friday, April 27, 2018