Club seeks bring a 'wave of change' to students' care for the environment

Written by: 
Geena DeMaio

A Wave of Change is a BYU-Hawaii club that focuses on environmental awareness and being stewards of the land, according to its president, Kendra Lewis.


Lewis, a junior from Utah majoring in painting and graphic design, said, “We have many club members come to beach clean ups. They are always amazed at how much they can help in such a short amount of time, and also how they can see the product of their work instantly as the pile of trash grows.


“We are working to help our community. We have teamed up with the local stake to clean Bikini Beach twice and we had an awesome turn out.”


Lewis and Mikaela Lawless, a junior studying business management from California, co-founded A Wave of Change. Lewis said, “We want to stress the importance helping our community and going forth and serving.”


Right before Fall Semester 2017, the two best friends talked about “how crazy it is” that BYUH students don’t realize the beaches are becoming dirtier and dirtier, said Lawless. “I’m from Southern California, so recycling and ocean conservation is really stressed in our community. I was shocked that living in Hawaii this same duty to keeping our home clean wasn’t as important.


“After our conversation, we decided to take action and start a club. We want to bring more awareness to college students who come from everywhere around the world how important and essential it is to be good stewards of the beautiful Earth God have us.


Active for two semesters now, A Wave of Change has made connections with local residents and organizations. Lawless said,  “We also worked with a family in Laie that cleans Bikini Beach once a month, which is awesome because we get to work with Laie community showing how BYUH students are living up to our school motto to go out and serve.”


Lawless said, “We are trying to make BYU-Hawaii an example of an eco-friendly college campus to be a leader to schools all around the world.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, April 28, 2018
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Saturday, April 28, 2018