Clutch Prep: an online tutoring service

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Esther Insigne


Clutch Prep is an online tutoring service that provides video guides, practice tests, and real tutors for your academic needs, says It covers material from textbooks under the science, math, and accounting categories and aims to help students further understand their lessons from their classes.

Students have different options when it comes to their subscription plans, according to Tyler Pisciotta, a senior studying biomedical science from Nevada. Students can opt to pay for a monthly, three-month, six-month or yearly subscription plan. When students sign up for the first time, the first 10 videos are free and from then on, you can choose which plan you would like to use.

Pisciotta shared how Clutch Prep is convenient “because sometimes the school tutors can meet at certain times, and if you work, like I do, or you have other commitments, then it’s hard to get to those tutoring sessions. So it’s nice to be able to access it wherever you want, whenever you need it.”

Pisciotta is the Clutch Prep representative of BYU–Hawaii. At the beginning of every semester, he said he goes around to different classes to talk about the service and find students who are interested in signing up.

“Clutch Prep covers subjects by the textbooks that you use. So if there’s one specific thing that you’re having a hard time with, you can focus on that. Maybe the tutors have a hard time explaining that because they’re not super comfortable with it either, but the Clutch tutors always do a really good job with it,” said Pisciotta.

Steven Aurich, a senior studying biomedical science from Oregon, said he feels more confident taking exams whenever he uses the service beforehand because “it’s an additional study aid to go along with the textbook. The more study you get, I think the better you do.”

Aurich said he used to study with his friend who had an account for the service. “Sometimes, he would study it in the library and I would be there, so we’d use it together. It worked out very well, increasing my ability to study.”

He also shared that for this semester, him and his friend decided to share the account and split the cost in half. Paying $40 each to gain access to their chosen class’ content.

“Only one person can use it at a time,” explained Taylor Dansie, a senior studying marine biology from Utah. “If you plan on splitting the cost with friends, you have to work together,” in order to use Clutch Prep.

Brandon Chan, a BYUH alumnus who studied biology from Malaysia, remarked how Clutch Prep’s best feature was “it follows the curriculum that is used by the teacher, and it [customizes] its own questions and practice tests for you.”

Pisciotta explained, “They make these practice tests you can take. They might not be the exact format that your teacher here at BYU–Hawaii does, but at least you’re getting exposed to the material in an exam-type format.”

Chan used the service for Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 and Cellular Biology. He said he was motivated to use it to practice and solve example problems for those classes. He said he understood the class materials better because of the time he spent on solving the practice problems through the service.

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Date Published: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018