A day in the life of an information systems major: Marco Delgado

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Antoniette Yee

Marco Delgado, a senior majoring in information systems from Utah, said being an IS major is like taking two majors at once because of the valuable skills he is gaining for the business world.

What made you decide to study this major?

Delgado explained how originally he planned to be a computer science major. “When I was talking to my friend, he said I should take information systems because I have a better personality for it. I tried out one IS class and I loved it. It’s a lot better for me than computer science and programming.”

What makes your major unique?

According to Delgado, information systems is a mixture of technology and business. He said, “A lot of business management and business finance majors get to understand how business works, but they don’t really understand the technology that supports a business. Whereas an IS major gets to understand how the technology and business works. We get to combine the knowledge to help achieve objectives.”

What do you want to do with it?

Delgado said he would love to work for any tech giants: namely Google, Microsoft, or Adobe. 

Favorite class

“I loved IS 435 (Advanced Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) because it’s different than all the IS classes, and it was so much fun because of Brother Lee.” He explained how the other IS classes are more on reading books, listening to lectures, and taking tests. “In IS 435, we have groups and we compete against each other with business simulations. You would run a business, and it was so cool because we had different views since our class is international. It was super competitive and all of us wanted to win. I really enjoyed that class and I wouldn’t mind taking it again.”

Describe a typical day

Delgado shared how his day can sometimes be stressful, but he thinks it’s good because it makes him grow.  “As for homework, I just spend an hour and a half and most of it is readings.”

Number of people in the major

According to Academic Advisor Patricia Hi’i Campbell, there are 189 students signed up for the major.

Time spent in a day

“I spend about an hour to four [hours] a week doing readings and labs.”


“You gain very valuable and marketable skills like programming and an understanding of technology, business, and accounting. In other majors, they just focus on one skill like business.”


“I think it will be harder for you to sell yourself to companies. It’s really nice when you’re a programmer, because when you leave the school you should be a really good programmer. For an IS major, you just know the introduction to programming. It is not made for you to be a an incredible programmer.”

Date Published: 
Monday, October 16, 2017
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Monday, October 16, 2017

NOTE: This article's online publication was delayed because it was featured in the Oct. 2017 print issue.