Dressing up to dance the night away on Halloween

Written by: 
Makaila Bergeson ~ Multimedia Journalist

Despite the fact that Halloween fell on a school night this year, BYU-Hawaii students didn’t fail to celebrate it. From cows and fairies to zombies, students dressed up and gathered in the Aloha Ballroom to dance the night away.

The Halloween Dance had a wide mixture of reviews from students. A couple of people interviewed had issues with either the music selections or the lack of refreshments. But others said they enjoyed the dance and liked the music.

“Compared to other dances I’ve been to, I’d rate this one like a 6 or 7,” said Kristina Meyer, a freshman in painting from Hawaii. “I like how we got to dress up. That was fun. It was just fun to see everybody in their Halloween spirit. I think for the most part everybody enjoyed it,” she said.

Meyer said she felt the dance started off a little rough but got better as the night went on and more people arrived. “I’ve been to other dances where a lot more people showed up, and I think the deejay could’ve been better. I didn’t like the slow songs he chose. They weren’t cute or romantic.”

Sarah Bowen, a freshman with an undecided major from Utah, also had some problems with the music selections at the Halloween dance, as well as the refreshments. Bowen said, “The Halloween dance was fun cause I went with my friends, and it was fun to see everyone dress up. But we all wished they would play different music, like popular music you can sing to, and less rap and grinding music. Also, more refreshments are always a good thing, like cookies, chips, or ice cream.”

On one hand, Brett Gau, a freshman in business from American Fork, Utah sided with Bowen when he said, “I didn’t really like the lack of refreshments. I mean there was juice but it was gone too quick.” On the other hand, he disagreed completely with Bowen when he said, “I really liked the deejay and the songs he played. It seemed like they were mostly popular ones that everyone knew.”

Michael Atchley, a sophomore in exercise science from Texas also really enjoyed the dance, “It was really fun,” he said. “There was good music that you could dance to, so that’s what I did, I danced. I felt like the energy at this dance was particularly lively. I also knew more people at this dance so I was able to get more out of it. The music seemed to be good, with a lot of hip-hop and dance music, which just added to how lively it was,” said Atchley.