Elder Cook advises young single adults to evaluate "how and when" they use social media

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Danna Osumo

Elder Quentin L. Cook, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, counseled young adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to evaluate their social media use. BYU-Hawaii students said they received comfort and guidance from the Young Single Adults World Wide Devotional held on Sept. 11.

Elder Cook counseled the YSAs to “fear not” when it comes to the challenges ahead. “The world literally seems to be in commotion,” said Elder Cook. “There is a level of contention that is unprecedented. Peace of mind and feelings of security can seem elusive and even unobtainable. My message to you this evening is that we should not have fear even in a dangerous and troubled world.”

Elder Cook talked about three types of challenges: physical, special and spiritual.

Regarding physical dangers, Elder Cook hoped members would understand that Jesus Christ paid the “significant sinful conduct across the entire world.”

For people struggling with special challenges, he promised the YSAs if they “evaluate how and when we use the internet and social media,” it will “bring much joy into your life.”

Megan Rolfson, a freshman with an undecided major from Colorado, said she thought the talk was very timely. “It was something we could all relate to, no matter where we were from. His advice and teachings helped me understand more about how I can overcome my challenges.”

Eve Wang, a sophomore biomedical major from China, said she was grateful for the principle Elder Cook taught about removing distractions to reach the goal. “With technology today, there are so many distractions which may keep us from reaching our full potential,” said Wang.

Concerning spiritual challenges, Elder Cook told YSAs to “examine unworthy desires and separate ourselves from them.”

Sister Maddie Cook, Elder Cook’s wife, spoke to the congregation encouraging the young adults who felt lonely to remember “the Savior has promised us comfort... we can be alone, but we do not have to be lonely.”

Jeanette Gonzales, a senior studying accounting from the Philippines, said she felt comforted to know she is not alone. She said, “I liked Sister Cook’s talk because she reminded me that we are never truly alone and that the Savior is there for us.”

The meeting, which was held in the Washington, D.C. Stake Center, adjacent to the Washington, D.C. temple, was translated and broadcast across the globe.

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016