Embracing the inner child in all for Halloween at the Seasider

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Esther Insigne
Students dressed up on Halloween and won prizes at the Seasider


Dressed up as a pirate captain or a Disney princess, people of all ages gathered together to celebrate Halloween in Laie. Joining in on the fun, the Seasider held a costume contest to encourage students and families to dress up for the special day.

Surrounded by jack-‘o-lanterns and spider webs, students joined in on the trick or treating spirit by dressing up as different characters on Oct. 31. The Seasider offered prizes to those who participated such as milkshakes, ice cream, and plate lunches.

President Galeai, manager of the Seasider, said the costume contest was one of their ways of allowing everyone to “get into the spirit of Halloween.” He wanted an activity where people could be involved and check out the Seasider at the same time.

Seeing the people in their costumes was his favorite thing during the event. “Everybody was participating, and that’s why I like that. I like seeing them happy. Everybody was a winner.”

The inspiration behind the magic

Aline Weitzel Ly, a senior from New York studying hospitality and tourism management, shared, “What inspired me to dress up for this is because I feel like people are forgetting about Halloween. I think people think once you’re older you don’t dress up, but I think it’s actually wrong. I think it’s actually nice to still dress up.”

Ly dressed up as Frida Kahlo for the event. “I am Mexican, and I admire her. She’s a very independent strong woman and to think [of what] she’s been through as an artist.”

Having been Napoleon Dynamite before, Hailey Steinagel, a freshman from Florida studying history, said that she enjoyed being Napoleon Dynamite once again for Halloween. “It kind of just makes it fun... Just dressing up [because on] other days you don’t get to do so. So, here you can be who you want to be.”

Senior missionary Alpha Harper from Canada, shared that she wanted to do magical things and that she always wanted to be a fairy princess, so she dressed up as the fairy godmother from Cinderella. “I like her because she’s a little forgetful, she’s a little funny, and she likes to help people– that’s very much my personality.”

For fairy godmother’s costume, Harper used some patterns and made the dress herself. She shared, “As time goes on, I’ve upgraded and changed my costume to make it look like a little bit nicer and prettier, to show that someone that does nice things for other people can have a little fun and just be happy.”

Celebrating Halloween

Galeai recalled that for his family, he would have his kids dress up, and take them outside to do trick or treating. “One day in a whole year, you can be silly or just be somebody you’re not for one day. It’s fun; I like it.”

For Harper’s family, they were more on the creative side. “In our family, we dressed up as things that were magical or fantasy [related] or movie stars. There was nothing negative really when we dressed up.”

Students expressed how thankful they were for the contest not only because it was fun, but also because of how it gave them a chance to reward themselves after midterms. “It gets people to relax especially now it’s kind of like, midterm time. It helps people to relax and just have fun – have a holiday where they don’t have to really think about those things,” shared Steinagel.

Ly said, “I think it’s important for a school to hold events like this because it brings unity, like a school spirit. Also, since we don’t have sports, I think it’s kind of nice to have school events like this because it encourages people to participate.”


Date Published: 
Monday, November 12, 2018
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Monday, November 12, 2018