Expert advises on how to manage time effectively

Written by: 
Jennifer Herrera~Multimedia Journalist

“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late” the White Rabbit in the famous Alice in Wonderland story would always say. At times it seems as though people can relate to this characters famous line. But you can improve your time management skills by practicing new ways to manage your time and avoid busy days where not much is accomplished.

BYU-Hawaii students share some of their concerns about time management and how they overcome those challenges.

“My main concerns about what affected my time when I was a student were procrastination, meeting deadlines, and being productive” said Huang Dan, an alumni from Taiwan.
“I found what has helped me manage my time more wisely has been making a list of everything I want to get accomplished during the day. I place the most important things at the top and I try, to the best of my ability, to get everything on my list accomplished,” said Wong Lee, a sophomore in business management from California.

She then advised students to, “make sure the list is realistic. Don’t bombard yourself with things that you [know] are not going to get done.” Lee added, “We all love downtime, and the problem is that after a class we feel as though we have plenty of time to get things done, so we end up not making very good use of [our] downtime. I know I end up spending a lot of time on Facebook starring at my own page; How ridiculous is that,” said Lee.

“It’s important to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing your goals for the day,” said Liu Chen, a freshman in ICS from Honk Kong. “I try to do something special for myself whenever I get everything done that I wanted to throughout the day, even if it’s something small. I keep [that reward] in mind as I am getting things done, to keep me motivated to follow through. I have realized that being scattered all over the place doesn’t get you anywhere,” said Chen.

“I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, because I struggle with this one a lot, but avoiding procrastination at all costs and meeting deadlines ahead of time and not 30 minutes before it’s due can really help your time management skills. Spending a lot of time on social networks or watching your favorite sitcoms is the ultimate productivity killer. At times I even make a time schedule where I say, for example, by 3 p.m. this goal should be accomplished,” explained Lee.

“It is okay to delegate tasks if you find yourself doing, for example, all the household chores. It’s okay to ask your roommates to help you get them done as well. Team work can help with the responsibility of the household; creating a list of who should get what done for that week and talking to those who live with you, can relieve you of all the household responsibilities. This will give you more time to focus on your personal goals. Don’t force yourself to do the impossible and burn out. Be mindful to have time to reflect and relax,” said Dan.