Father’s Day is observed around the world

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Tomson Cheang

Whether it be a FaceTime call, a family gathering, going to a restaurant, or giving gifts, BYU-Hawaii students shared different ways they make Father’s Day special.


Renz Coronel, a freshman from the Philippines studying political science, said their family tradition for Father’s Day is giving their father something he needs for work. Coronel said, “I’ll send him a gift. Maybe pants or a shirt.”


Hei Long Ip, a junior from Hong Kong majoring in business management, said he would video call his father through FaceTime. “When this day comes, I’d think about him, especially his health.”


Ip shared when he is in Hong Kong he usually takes his father out for dinner on Father’s Day. Ip explained, “People in Hong Kong are known to be busy all the time. It’s really good to have this occasion to make everyone in the family come and gather.”


Sister Stephenson, a senior missionary, said she would give a card to her husband, call her son who is a father, and send texts to her family group chat. She shared, “I’d say different personal things to everyone such as ‘You’re a fun Dad’ or ‘You’re a great provider.’”


Mihiau Fariki, a senior majoring in biomed from Tahiti, said her father is coming to Hawaii and she will take him out to a restaurant and order his favorite food for him. Fariki shared that in Tahitian culture Father’s Day is not as popular as Mother’s Day. “We have flowers, surprises and gifts for mothers on Mother’s Day, but there’s not so much for Father’s Day. Father’s Day in Tahiti is not a very big thing like here in America.”


Coronel said the family can’t obtain much happiness without a father figure. He explained, “In the proclamation, it says the father is the protector, provider and the head of the family, and our goal is to go back to Heavenly Father’s side together.”


When asked about the things learned from his father, Ip recalled, “[My] father never beat me while other Asian parents have physical punishments for their children. He believes that it isn’t the best way to teach children.”


Coronel shared how his father had always let him choose on his own. “He didn’t force us to have a testimony like he does. He told us not to take things for granted, but be grateful for God. He is a very good example as a priesthood holder.”


Natalie Tetauira, a junior from Oregon majoring in business management, said she would cook dinner for her father and gather with relatives back home. “We usually have traditional American food like burgers and barbeque. We just mingle and don’t really do things outside because it’s a Sunday.”


When asked about what Father’s Day means to her, Tetauira replied, “My dad taught me how to work very hard. Father’s Day is a good day to recognize him and his hard work.”

Date Published: 
Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Sunday, June 17, 2018