Female students told to implement women life skills in business

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Leslie Owusu

Jeanette Bennett, founder of Bennett Communications, counseled female students and community members to use their skills they develop as mothers and wives in their business lives in a webinar held on Feb. 16 as part of the Women in Business Series. “A family is a great foundation for business because…all the skills you use with your family, you can use in business,” she said.

The webinar, titled “Creating Women: How to Turn Your Skill Set into Business Opportunities,” was a rebroadcast of an earlier webinar in Utah. Bennett, editor of the Utah Valley Magazine, shared pictures and details about her childhood, college life, and marriage.

During the webinar, Bennett shared pictures and details about her childhood, college life, and marriage to provide examples of how what she learned. She also focused on balancing work life, family life, and church life. She based the presentation on five principle tips: take a selfie, put business in the front and personality in the back, you’re never too cool for school, love your reality, and all in the family.

Jana McQueen, a junior in business and psychology from New Zealand, said, “I liked how Jeanette said to take a self-assessment. I was going through all the things I’ve done in the past that I can use in the future for a business.”

Bennett shared examples from the scriptures and admonished listeners to look at the Young Women values. She gave inspiration quotes such as, “It takes faith to start a business. If you have a goal don’t give up on it, keep approaching it from different angles. If things don’t fall into place, then you will pivot… Take things out of your vocabulary that are limiting your choices.”

Bennett’s remarks were followed up by a Q&A panel with three local businesswomen: Gaylene Nikora, owner of Dream Navigator LLC; Heather Goodman, a lifestyle and travel photographer whose husband is a BYUH student; and Alicen Nielson, co-owner of Laie Palms Cinemas.

Adriella Rico, a sophomore in business from California, said, “My favorite part was the panel. It’s great because they are people you’ve heard of before, and now you can be in a setting where you learn from them. You learn things that are applicable. I liked how Heather said you can do anything you put your mind to. If you really want it you can do it. It was empowering.”

Megan Carter, a junior in human resources and organizational behavior from Oregon, is the director of the Women in Business Society here at BYUH and said this was the second event in the Women in Business Series.

Carter said the Management Society originally came from Provo. “They saw a need for women to be more empowered and have an outlet to learn from other women. We wanted to reach the audience we have here at BYU-Hawaii.” She said the Women in Business Committee was formed two months ago from the day of the event.

“Time difference is a factor. When these webinars are live, it is the middle of the day our time and it’s not a convenient time to gather everyone together to sit and watch. We decided instead to rebroadcast them at a time that is more convenient. We came up with the panel idea so that the students and community could receive an opportunity to network and ask questions,” said Carter.

The committee members are impressed on the number of students who attend these events, said Carter. “We market to community members and students. Students have so much going on, when they come to these they see their goals and dreams are accessible. It gives them the opportunity to practice all the things they are learning. For me I always learn something that is hands-on,” she said.

Autumn Butler, a senior in business management from Florida, said, “The reason I came tonight is because I attended the last webinar and panel called ‘Finding Balance,’ and I have applied the things I learned and have already seen changes in my life from them. All these business things we’re learning is applicable to everything. These are incredible women.”

The event was a rebroadcast of the webinar that happened earlier that same day in Utah. Bennett is the Editor of the Utah Valley Magazine and founder of Bennett Communication, a publishing company.

Kathryn Wells, a senior in human resources from Colorado, said the series isn’t only to business majors. “It’s learning to juggle church and children. It’s beneficial to all majors. I don’t think our school has done something like this that’s focused on women.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, March 4, 2017
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Saturday, March 4, 2017