Finding love by buying a bike, sitting next to an empty seat in class, talking on Skype and more

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Brooklyn Redd

Alex Moreno & Jordan Porter

After a temple session and outside of the Laie Temple Visitor’s Center, Jordan Porter, a junior from California majoring in psychology, and her fiancé Alex Moreno, a junior from Mexico majoring in business management, told their love story.

Moreno said the first thing to catch his attention about his fiancé was her nose. “She has a beautiful nose,” said Moreno while his fiancé laughed. The two said they met in 2016 while working for BYUH Food Services. Moreno said it took him three months to get the courage to invite her to a game night with his friends.

Moreno said the first time he tried to ask Porter on a date, he got too nervous and backed down. He said one day she posted an ad for her bike on the BYUH Sell Your Stuff Facebook page, so he made a plan to pretend he was interested in buying so he could ask her out. He said, “I had a bike already,” to which Porter laughed and added, “And a longboard.”

Moreno said he was excited to meet with Porter for the exchange because it would be his first time seeing her outside of work. He planned to tell her, “No thank you,” for the bike, but he wanted to ask her out on a date instead.

“That was my plan,” said Moreno. “But when I got there, I was really nervous and I couldn’t say no to the bike for some reason. So I bought her bike for $50, $50 that I didn’t really have. I got so nervous and awkwardly left. So I left [for] home with no success and an extra bike.”

Porter said she thought maybe he was trying to ask her out when she would talk to Moreno at work. She said, “Whenever he would talk to me the first couple of times, he asked me for my name twice as if he had forgotten it.” He responded, “I didn’t forget. I was just trying to not be too obvious…but I knew her name.”

Moreno said he finally got the courage to ask her out, then a week later they decided to be in a relationship. They were engaged in December and will be married in June.

Porter said single people should trust in the Lord. “He has a plan for you. It wasn’t my plan to meet Alex this early in my life, but I am very grateful I did.”

Kamy Tekurio & Kate Hedrick

The couple was inseparable as they entered the LDS stake center on campus for the interview; hands interlaced, both smiling brightly, teeth showing, dressed in matching shirts.

“We just love each other,” said Kamy Tekurio, a sophomore from Tahiti majoring in international cultural studies, who is engaged to Kate Hedrick, a senior from Oregon majoring in psychology.

Tekurio said he remembered the first time they met as if it were yesterday. When he arrived to his second day of class, he said the only available spot was next to her.

“I sat down, got to know her, and pretended I didn’t know anything about Spanish. I asked her if she could help me,” said Tekurio while Hedrick giggled.

Tekurio’s voice softened as he expressed how it was her kindness and calm, quiet personality that caught his attention. Looking directly at her face, placing his hand on her leg, he said, “She’s very sweet and gorgeous.” Hedrick responded smiling from cheek to cheek.

“When he first walked in, it was kind of like the movies,” said Hedrick, while Tekurio laughed. She said class had already started when in walked in a tall, handsome guy into the room.

Tekurio said he was nervous to ask Hedrick out on a date, but on Sunday, Nov. 22, he saw her at the cafeteria and found the courage to ask her on a date. He said they spent the rest of that Sunday at the temple, and ever since then his life was changed. The couple was married on March 1.

For single students, Hedrick said,  “We think the best advice would be to work on coming closer to God yourself. When you are in your best stage in your life, God would put the person in your life that you need to go through life with. It sounds cliche but just pray about it. Ask God specifically to qualify you to be the right person instead of asking if the person you are dating is the right one.”

Ben Nielsen & Courtney Bow

For Courtney Bow and Ben Nielsen, a long-distance relationship is not impossible, they said.

Bow, a senior from California majoring in graphic design, and Nielsen, a senior from Mexico majoring in broadcast journalism at the University of Utah, said being distant from each other is challenging, but Skype helped strengthen their relationship.

“We really work on our communication because that is literally all we can do,” said Nielsen over a Skype call.

He continued, “Yesterday we Skyped for three hours. I set up my computer, and she set up hers. We talk while we are doing something else, mostly the entire time. To keep the relationship alive, we just keep Skype on,” he said.

Four years ago home from his mission for just two months, Nielsen said he met Bow at a BYUH basketball game. “It was my first semester at college. I was there by myself and didn’t know anybody. I met Courtney the first day, and she became my best friend in 72 hours.”

Since that day, the couple said they started to go on dates. “We spent most of our time going to the beach,” said Nielsen. “Hiking and going to the beach,” Bow chimed in.

Over the past four years, with Bow going on a mission to Africa and Nielsen transferring schools, the couple continued to write and keep in contact through Skype but dated different people.

Nielsen said by dating other people, he knew Bow was the one. “After meeting Courtney, everyone I talked to while she was on her mission was not Courtney. I knew because no one made me feel the same way,” said Nielsen.

Neilsen added, “It’s been a long time coming.” He said he has wanted to marry Bow for a long time, and he is finally getting his wish in May of 2017.

The couple said they are looking forward to a future together. They hope to eventually use the skills from their majors working for National Geographic as a partnership. This summer they will start by being counselors for the Especially for the Youth Program in a different country. While there, they said they will make their first documentary together.

Spencer Nielsen & Tiffany Greer Nielsen

Tiffany Greer and Spencer Nielsen first met on a blind date set up by Greer’s older brother, Brandon. On that fateful day, the two said they spent an evening getting to know each other while watching the TV show “The Flash.”

As a tribute to the day they met, Nielsen, a senior from Oregon majoring in accounting, came dressed to the interview wearing his “Flash”  T-shirt, holding hands with his fiancé Greer, a junior from Virginia majoring in elementary education.

Nielsen said, “I swore to myself I would never do a blind date. That was the last thing I wanted to do.” He said he tried to brush it off, but her brother Brandon continued to insist he get a hold of her.

Brandon tried to set the two up after Tiffany told him not to. She said her brother was very persistent, and one day she received a text from Nielsen. At first she said she wasn’t really interested, but decided to give him a try. She said, “I totally didn’t like him at first. I don’t know how [Nielsen] did it, but he got me to fall in love with him.”

Greer said she sees Nielsen as a gentlemen who knows how to treat her well, mostly due to his experience being the youngest of seven sisters. “He definitely boosts my confidence a lot. Before I met him, I was kind of going through life like black and white. Now it’s full of color. Oh my gosh, that was so cheesy,” she said.

Nielsen said, “Not to sound shallow or anything, but I am not going to lie: before I called her, I did Facebook stalk her. She was super hot. She had the best profile picture. I was like, ‘Dang! I got to call this girl!’”

Nielsen said he wants single BYUH students to be open to opportunities. He said if he continued to be close-minded to the idea of a blind date, he would not have been nearly as happy as he is today. “Every opportunity, even if it’s not something you expect, it can lead to something,” he said.

The two started dating in October 2016, were engaged the following December and were married in February. “We hope to have a happy marriage, be able to progress forward spiritually, and have a family,” said Greer. About their decision to get married, they said when you know, you know.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017