Flag football schedule change increases participant turnout

Written by: 
Patrick Campbell
BYU-Hawaii intramurals director, Tiffanee Lepule, changed the scheduling of flag football games from Saturday mornings to weekday nights, a change she said has increased attendance and participation. 
We changed the scheduling at the beginning of Winter Semester and it’s been great,” said Lepule. “We have ten teams this semester and we haven’t had a single forfeit yet.” 
According to Lepule, forfeits were much more common when games were scheduled for Saturday mornings. Many students, including freshman team captain Kaila Barney, a Nevada native majoring in exercise and sport science, were excited about the move. 
“I played in high school on a school team so I wanted to have a team. I got a bunch of kids I had met in the Cafeteria and put a team together,” said Barney. “On weeknights there is nothing going on so it’s easier to get friends out.”
Barney and her team are not the only students who have enjoyed the time change. 
“Most referees that work here are students, so we’ve liked the change,” said intramural referee Austin Jaegar, a sophomore from California majoring in business finance. The referees were willing to work Saturday mornings, said Jaegar, but the convenience of having Saturdays off was a better trade.  
“Saturdays are the days most students try and get away from Laie to explore the island a little and that usually means an early start,” added Jaegar. “It made it difficult to plan activities with friends.”
The weekday night games for flag football are played on Monday and Thursday nights at the Old Gym Field. This location has lights making it possible for night games to be played. 
According to the BYUH Intramurals webpage, students wishing to participate in flag football must present a valid BYUH student ID card, wear proper tennis shoes, and have sportsmanlike behavior throughout the entire game.  
Date Published: 
Monday, February 13, 2017
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Monday, February 13, 2017