Flagship 2013: New buildings to be done this summer

Written by: 
Dylan Sage-Wilcox~Multimedia Journalist

As far as construction is concerned, BYU-Hawaii campus is undergoing a massive face-lift as part of a 10-year master plan. “In the 10-year master plan, the major components are to refresh our campus, to get us new, good, high-quality facilities. No. 2 is to increase our student body and the conceptual approval has been given by the board of trustees of the Church Educational System of the university to double the size,” said Michael Johansson, director of Communications.

BYUH’s student body would potentially increase from 2,500 students to 5,000 students. With “5,000 students, [BYUH] is still a very small campus,” Johansson said, comparing it to Provo’s 30,000 students and BYU Idaho’s 15,000 students.

The increase of the student body will occur over a 10-year period. Along with student increases, building around campus must competed. “In 2013, we will see the completion of first buildings as part of this 10-year master plan. The buildings that will be completed this year include two married student housing, four single student housing facilities, one single student apartment building and one multi-use building that will be used for academic and church purposes,” Johansson said. All seven buildings will be completed by summer.

Johansson explained, “The big, big flagship event of 2013 for the university expansion is going to be the dedication of these buildings.” He continued, “This is a very physical and literal sign of the importance of education and developing what the mission of the university embodies which is learning, leading and building among the next generation of builders in the kingdom of God.”

David Lewis, vice president of Construction & Facilities Management, advised on the importance of fulfilling the school’s vision and focused his comments on how to use the buildings for good. He said, “Laie and BYU- Hawaii are a special place.  Sometimes when we are close to something, we don’t realize how special this place is. The faculty, staff and administration need to effectively share a vision with the students that attending BYU- Hawaii is a privilege, ‘enter to learn, go forth to serve,’” he said. 

“Be efficient in your time at BYUH. When you graduate and ‘return home,’ build your marriage, your family, your community, your business and the church with honor and passion. Fulfill President David O. McKay’s vision,” Lewis added.