Free community event invites different faiths to share their beliefs in God through music

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Brooklyn Redd and Bruno Maynez
Marie Osmond sings with her brothers, Alex Boye, and members of other churches her interfaith concert on Oct. 12.


A weekend of faith, friends, and ohana gathered in love and unity as Christians came together to worship Christ and hear words and music from Marie Osmond, Alex Boye, Osmond family members, and local church choirs at the historic Kawaiaha’o Church on Oct. 12.

Marie Osmond appeared in front of the congregation as she wore a long blue Hawaiian style dress with white patterned flowers and a white lei around her neck. She explained how everyone, all Christians, are united in God and Jesus Christ. “We have a lot of pressure to accept moral values as times change, but God never changes. We are one nation created under God. It is time to be ohana and be united as a family. We are weak individually, but united we are strong."

During a personal interview with Alex Boye, a multicultural singer known for his YouTube channel of almost 700,00 subscribers, regarding the interfaith event said, “Seeing different performer’s faith and background, they all come to share their hearts and wanted to be a part of this unified effort. It was a success. A very positive experience and good report came from it. It opened doors, just what we wanted.”

Boye expressed credit to Marie Osmond for opening doors for missionary opportunities and bringing the community together. He said he felt honored she would invite him to her birthday event the following day as Boye would perform in concert with her and her nephew David Osmond, and brothers, Alan, Jay, Merrill, and Wayne Osmond. According to Marie Osmond, this would be the last time she and her brothers would perform together, and her first time performing in Hawaii.

Before Boye performed, he shared his experience singing the Coldplay song “Paradise” with the Piano Guys and how it had connected him to his African roots being from Nigeria. He said he always puts African culture into his music. Boye sang an acapella version of “How Great Thou Art” as he played a small African drum and danced. In the interview he said it was one of his favorite songs.

Prior to the concert, Boye shared his experience of performing music after his mission. He said his music was not always appropriate until he was introduced to the thirteenth Article of Faith. Boye said he now uses the Articles of Faith to help him to know what songs are worth performing or recording. He said they have saved him a lot of trouble in the music industry and helped him continue his faith while being a well-known musician.

David Osmond, Marie's nephew and an American Idol Season 8 contestant, sang as well. His voice echoed throughout the church halls. He shared how we are all the offspring of God and have so much more in common than we realize. "We are all literally brothers and sisters."

His father, Alan Osmond, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and to him is a true example of a disciple of Christ. David said he was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and testified of being blessed to stand before the congregation and sing, "I can do all things through Christ's strength."

He said the Lord knows how you feel and that is the miracle of his sacrifice for you. David sang a song he wrote called "Loneliest Walk" as he wore a grey suit with a red lei.

Alan said, “I felt love from all the churches. We have more in common than differences. We are shooting for the same light. All in one. One heart and one mind.”

As sounds of the organ filled the congregation, members of different Christian churches gathered around to hear testimonies, music and life experiences. The event was conducted by emcee Kenneth Makuakāne, pastor of the Kawaiaha’o Church.

Senator Brickwood Galuteria started the event off with a song translated from Hawaiian to English as “Blossom in Righteousness.” Galuteria said the purpose of the free event for the community was unifying others, regardless of their religious backgrounds.

As he strummed a guitar, a fellow member of the Kawaiaha’o Church performed the hula, wearing a long black dress with a yellow lei. Candles lit the stage and the congregation watched in awe.

The Saint John Baptist Catholic Church choir, made up of mostly children, performed, accompanied by a guitar and piano.

The men’s choir from the Seventh-day Adventist Church sang a Samoan song acapella. They finished off by singing “Happy Birthday” to Marie Osmond.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Laie sang "In This Very Room" followed by a second song in Hawaiian.

Jana McQueen, a senior business and psychology major from New Zealand expressed, “We all loved it. It was nice to see the family relationship of the Osmonds and the messages they shared through their singing. We all liked Alex Boye’s message to always listen to your mother and God. We chuckled because it was our friend’s mother who was the one who told him about the event, and because he listened we were all able to go.

“Someone said, ‘Music is what feelings sound like,’ which stood out to me. I’m grateful for the music that was shared by all the faiths and groups who performed. There really was a great feeling there and unity. It was great to have had the opportunity to go to a wholesome recreational activity.”

Samo Workman, a freshman from Laie majoring in English said, "I thought it was a great event. I think the general message of faith in Jesus Christ was powerfully shared, even though different congregations presented their beliefs in different ways and for different lengths of time. All the groups were talented but charmingly real, and their testimonies were felt.”

As a believer in miracles and supporter of faith, Merrill Osmond said the reason the Osmond family started to perform in the first place was to raise money for their two deaf brothers. They said they first started out as the Osmond Foundation, which eventually became the Children’s Miracle Network and raised $6 billion.

Alex Boye also said his new album “Amerika” will be coming out at the end of October and will contain songs about his life experiences. He explained this will be his biggest opportunity with distribution worldwide.

Marie Osmond, Alex Boye, and the Osmond family performed in concert all their hit songs at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu on Oct.13.


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Tuesday, November 6, 2018
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018