Give N Take to make changes, students to volunteer more

Written by: 
Rebecca Sabalones~Multimedia Journalist

The Give N Take on campus provides students with opportunities to serve and save money, said workers. Students can come to Give N Take at its current location behind Hale 5 and help workers fold clothes, sort books, organize household items and then take home 10 items of their choosing. However, with the new semester come new changes.

Eugene Ng, a senior studying business management from Malaysia, and a SWAAT activity coordinator for BYU-Hawaii, is the student currently in charge of the Give N Take service center organization. He gave a list of those new changes:

• Instead of missionaries, students now have the opportunity to volunteer for 3 hours once a week as a student supervisor.

• Give N Take will be moving to the location behind the tennis courts in a month.

• The hours are changing from noon to 5 p.m. (depending on the amount of volunteers).

• During the breaks, students will come through the club or chapter president to participate in a service project, instead of just coming on their own.

• New building will have a drop-off window.

• The name will be changed to Give N Take Service Center.

• Some professors now give extra credit to or require students to volunteer there as a supervisor once a week.

The workers at the Give N Take emphasized that students are the ones to volunteer and take charge. Sister Anderson, a senior missionary serving at the Give N Take, said, “The biggest change is that the students will be running this.”

Ng said, “The Give N Take is for the students and if they want it to stay open then they need to volunteer as supervisors.”

The very first student supervisor, Aumofo Otufi, a senior from Tonga studying elementary education, said, “This helps me because I do a service, but I get stuff for my family too. It’s cool and I like it.”