Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag was a fun night activity in limited-option Laie, students say

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Noah Shoaf
Flags were decorated with glow sticks for the activity.


As BYU–Hawaii Seasider Sports hosted Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag on Nov. 24, their staff shared how excited they are to have a deeper impact on the nightlife at BYUH and students said they appreciated the creative twist on the popular game.
Seasider Sports staff member McKinnon Brown, a junior from Colorado majoring in graphic design, explained how the Capture the Flag event was part of bigger picture. She said Seasider Sports is trying to change the culture of the BYUH by hosting nighttime events for the whole student body.

“I think that we are changing the school in a way by making it more interactive. My freshman year no one ever did these kinds of events. Seasider Sports is growing. It used to be all around sports, and now since sports are gone, we are able to host fun activities for everyone.” 

Brown went on to say she finds it rewarding to work for Seasider Sports and she encourages everyone to attend their events. One way to know about their activities is by following their Instagram page, @seasider_sports.

Philip Sammons, a freshman from Arizona majoring in information systems, agreed with Brown. He said he tries to go to all of the Seasider Sports sponsored events because there are a limited number of activities to do near the BYUH campus.

“I try to go to all of the Seasider activities because I know I will have a good time,” explained Sammons. “In the Laie area there is not much to do, so whenever there is an activity on campus, I go.”

Attendees ate free pizza as the Seasider Sports staff split the group into teams based on glow stick colors. Teams won by getting the other’s team flag to their side without getting tagged. If someone got tagged, they went to game jail and could not participate until another team member freed them.

Aaron Cram, a freshman from Utah majoring in music, said he heard about the event because of the signs posted in the cafeteria, which intrigued him.“I never heard of the Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag concept, so when I saw it advertised, I wanted to come and check out the event.”

After playing a couple of rounds of capture the flag, Cram said his team devised a strong strategy which helped them reign victorious. “Our team’s strategy was to defend and to get a lot of the other team members in jail so we could get to their flag easier.” 

Jayda Te Hira, a sophomore from New Zealand majoring in Pacific island studies, came to the game with knowledge about Capture the Flag. She explained how back home, Capture the Flag was a competition that's commonly played in middle school and high school, but she said she had never played it with a glow in the dark aspect.  

“I have never heard of Capture the Flag in the dark and I wondered how it worked,” replied Hira. “I thought it would be dangerous because it's dark and you can’t see anyone.”

After watching the game, Hira admitted it was a creative concept and entertaining. She shared, “it was a good way to spend my Saturday night because otherwise, I would be in my bed watching movies. Now I am with my friends, and I don’t have to go to bed hungry.”


Date Published: 
Friday, November 30, 2018
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Friday, November 30, 2018