Going to BYU-Hawaii with your sibling

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Ally Pack

With people coming from all over the world from different backgrounds, situations and families, it’s rare to find two people who knew each other before meeting at BYU-Hawaii, let alone those who are related. Student siblings shared how attending school together helps them to feel like being at home.


Rachel Meline, a freshman biomedical major from Utah, said attending school would’ve been much harder without her brother Isaac. “He distracted me from the shock of moving.”


Isaac Meline, also a freshman biomedical major, agreed and added, “Having my little sister here feels more like home. Without Rachel, it would feel more foreign.”


Allison Schellenberg, a freshman majoring in biology from Utah, said having her brother Seth here is “an instant comfort. She said, “I’ve always thought of him like he’s my built-in friend. He’s my sibling so he has to put up with me.”


Seth, a freshman majoring in English, affirmed what Allison shared and has “no regrets” about being with his sister at college.


Azumi and Sayuki Kumano, a Japanese sister duo and sophomore and freshman, respectively, agreed that helping each other and talking all the time is one of the best things about having a sibling on campus. Sayuki said, We can talk about whatever, and we don’t have secrets.”


However, the Kumanos and Seth agreed that having a sibling on campus is not always picture perfect. Just as living at home with siblings as children come with its challenges, so can living on the same campus. For Seth, “My worst fear is getting into trouble and [Allison] hearing about it." As a result, he’s always on his best behavior, he said.


Azumi commented, “Sometimes we love the same people and it’s awkward.”


For the Japanese sisters, their older brother Kento was a huge part of why they chose to come to BYUH. Azumi said, “When he attended BYUH, our whole family went together, and we thought, ‘Wow. It’s a good temperature.’” Sayuki added, “That’s why I came.”


Allison and Seth Schellenberg were also influenced by family to attend BYUH, which was a long-time dream for Seth. “Our mother came here for two semesters, and she has a little scrapbook of all of her memories.”


However, their mom never pressured them to attend BYUH, Allison clarified. “It was more of an ‘I had this opportunity, and you don’t have to go for it, but I really liked it,’ kind of thing.”


The Schellenberg, Kumano, and Meline siblings all agreed that they wouldn’t have changed anything about coming to school with members of their family. Rachel Meline commented, “If anybody had this opportunity, I would not pass it up. I don’t know what I would do without Isaac. He’s my rock. That’s a good way to put it.”

Date Published: 
Monday, February 19, 2018
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Monday, February 19, 2018