'The Great Gatsby' Fall Ball: BYUHSA invests in an elegant evening for students in Ko Olina

Written by: 
Jeff McLeod~Multimedia Journalist

BYUHSA’s $50,000 Great Gatsby Fall Ball is set to help students escape from everyday life on Nov. 15 at the JW Marriott Resort in Ko Olina.

Justin Bumgardner, a junior in business management from Colorado, said, “I think it’s way cool and exactly what our school needs. It will help all of us get more excited about going to BYUH and take a much needed break from classes. We are really feeling the love from BYUHSA.”

The Great Gatsby themed BYUH Fall Ball will be held at the Marriott Resort in Ko Olina. Dinner, dance and transportation are included in the $50 ticket price. If students only want to go to the dance, tickets will be $30. After a backlash from students concerning a higher projected price point, special events was able to change things around, allowing students to get everything for a more affordable price, said Alice Pollock, a VP in publicity for BYUHSA.

Pollock explained why BYUHSA decided to spend $50,000 for the Fall Ball. “Our hope in planning Fall Ball was that we wanted to provide the students with something fun and exciting and escape from school. That’s why we planned to have it at the Marriott, a really nice resort in Ko Olina. We did understand that it’s going to be more expensive than Fall Balls of the past, but we were hoping that in our efforts to give them this new experience, they would be more willing to pay just a little bit more,” she said.

Along with the dinner, guests will enjoy the backdrop of a private beach 50 yards from the ballroom and a pond with sting rays and sharks right outside. Tim Lee, a senior VP in special events of BYUHSA, said, “Fall Ball is the most elaborate event of the school year. To ensure the students will have a memorable experience and receive the best deal, BYUHSA is willing to take on the cost and put in the necessary effort to do away with cheap Fall Ball experiences. I think the students deserve a better quality.”

Food will be catered by the Marriott Resort and carries a $60 value by itself. Throughout the night students will be provided with shuttle services to take them to and from fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, and McDonalds for free.

Noel Pauga, a sophomore in EXS from Arizona, said, “I am super excited for the Fall Ball now, especially because I have a handsome date.”

Tickets are on sale until the day of the event, Nov. 15.