A guide to fresh entertainment on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Written by: 
Jemesa Snuka

Every weekend students are faced with thousands of entertainment options through streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Amidst all these avenues, students said they still find themselves endlessly scrolling and finding nothing to watch.

New to Netflix is the movie “To All the Boys I`ve Loved Before”, a film about a seventeen-year-old girl in high school named Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boys that she has a crush on over her lifetime. After the letters are mysteriously given to each boy she finds herself in a spider web of problems navigating through the rest of her high school semester.

Sera Hone, a junior from Utah studying communications, shared her opinion mentioning, “The reason I love this movie was because it was just a cute romantic comedy that took me back to the feelings of the 80’s… It was such a cute movie about teenagers falling in love, but it was such a fun film.”

This film is rated TV-14. Rotten Tomatoes scores this movie as 95 percent fresh.

Other than Netflix, Amazon Prime also offers many television shows and movies to stream students such as Megan Erickson, a sophomore from Utah studying exercise science, find interesting. The television show “Friday Night Lights” (based off a movie of the same title), shows the struggles of a high school football team as they manage the trials of adolescence both on and off the field.

Megan says, “If you haven’t seen the show Friday Night Lights on Amazon, you should. It’s a great show about a community with great support and love for the game of [American] football in Texas. If you love sports, drama, inspired stories or teams and families, it’s the show to watch.”

This show is rated TV-14. Rotten Tomatoes scores this movie as 96 percent fresh. 

There are as many original movies available to stream on Netflix as there are documentaries. Many of these films address social and political themes such as the documentary “Blackfish.” This documentary explains the life of orcas taken from the wild and then kept in captivity.

Released in 2013, it gives more perspective on how the orcas at SeaWorld are trained to performed but are not given proper care while in captivity. Garret Monterith, a junior from Arizona said, “[People] should watch this movie because most individuals don’t understand what these whales go through. It’s about how SeaWorld treats them… and how they starve them into depression.”

This documentary is rated PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes scores this movie as 98 percent fresh. 

Also available to stream on Amazon Prime is the movie “23 Blast.” This is a sports movie that focuses on faith and personal struggle. It is the true story of football player Travis Freeman who, after some traumatic events, loses his eyesight. This results in him trying to cope with what he feels is now an unfair life.

Hailey Hontanosas, a sophomore from Laie, Hawaii studying science revealed, “10/10 I would recommend. I like how the boy is very much a teenager and a human. It takes him a while because in the movie because he wallows in self pity and is stubborn. He then makes the choice to carry on with his life it’s just a very honest movie.”

This movie is rated PG. Rotten Tomatoes scores this movie 63 percent fresh.

Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2018