Halloween activities in Laie and on the island

Written by: 
Lauren Steimle ~ Multimedia Journalist

For Halloween families and locals are planning on taking their children trick-or-treating around Laie while some BYU-Hawaii students said they plan on dressing up and going to town.

Hayley Thomas, a senior in psychology from Utah, said, “Me and my friends started this tradition a few years ago where we dress up like zombies and we go and walk the strip at Waikiki, and now the group has gotten huge.”

Honolulu is full of holiday events including the Hallowbaloo, a free music and arts festival in Chinatown arts district, the night of Oct. 26. According to the event’s Facebook page, the event will be, “A world-class entertainment destination,” that is, “unique, diverse, from the heart.” Hallowbaloo will feature more than 10 food booths, four outdoor stages, and more than 15,000 costumed crazies there to set the mood and entertain all who arrive.

For those seeking a more thrill-seeking experience, there are more intense attractions such as the Original Oahu Ghost Tours. This company offers a variety of tours around the island including walking, driving and hiking. Each tour submits a different theme while all informing participants about Hawaiians supernatural nature and history.

Others like to keep it simple during Halloween, including local Remmington Campbell, who explained, “Well I just got married this year so it’s my first Halloween with my wife, so we’re going to carve pumpkins definitely. Other than that, we don’t have any other big plans for Halloween.”

Chris Palmer, a pilot from Alaska residing in Hawaii, said, “I plan on dressing up for Halloween. My girlfriend and me are going to dress up like Tom Hanks from ‘Castaway’ and she will be the volleyball Wilson and it will be great. I think that there’s a party on the point or something that we’re going.”

Before the evening festivities, BYUH will be hosting Halloween events on campus such as the Student Employee Appreciation Day for BYUH and PCC employees. Treats will be served at the Aloha Center Ballroom on Halloween from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The BYUH saxophone quartet, The Saxidentals, will be having a Halloween performance outside the Aloha Center around noon.