Having an affordable wedding reception at BYU-Hawaii

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Zeek Cheng

Married couples in BYU-Hawaii said they are grateful for the effort and willingness of their family and friends, who offered help with food and decorations at their wedding to make it successful.


Here are ideas are some affordable ideas offered by married students:


1. Food

-       Order from the catering on campus. They offer flexible menus according to your choice of food.

-       Homemade dishes prepared by family members and friends. Purchase ingredients from stores such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and Walmart.


2. Decorations

-       Purchase material from local and online stores such as Walmart and Ross. Gather friends to help with the layout.


3. Wedding cake

-       Ted’s bakery has affordable choices of one or multiple layers of delicious cakes.


4. Wedding dress

-       Relief Society locals offer wedding dresses to borrow which are donated by church members.

-       Handmade dresses by relatives, if someone has the talent to do so.


5.  Suit

-       Macy’s and Sears often have discounts.

-       Borrow a suit from a friend who has the same size as yours.


6. Invitation

-       Ask graphic design and photography friends to take photos and design the layout. The Print Services on campus offers low price printings of wedding invitations, along with envelopes.


Students who were interviewed said getting married in college could be stressful to plan for the wedding reception, due to the financial situation.


Reece Gosselin, a senior from Maine studying exercise science, said, “The planning was so stressful. We became more contentious towards each other. We were back and forth thinking if we should even have a reception at all.”


He continued, “We were still working on the decoration on the day of the reception. And I didn’t sleep the night before. I was too stressed out.”


Loren Lamoglia, a senior from the Philippines studying accounting and finance, said, “We couldn’t decide whether we want to get married in Hawaii or back to the Philippines.”


Students shared the big part of their wedding success was through the help of their family and friends and putting trust in the Lord.


Nozomi Gosselin, a senior from Japan studying social work, who is married to Reece Gosselin, said, “After the sealing in the morning, we went straight to do the decoration.  We were able to pull everything together because our friends took the initiative to make it happen with the program and decoration.”


Loren Lamoglia expressed, “It took a lot of prayers, fasting, going to the temple, and counsel from the leaders to come to the decision that we wanted to get married in Hawaii.”


Breno Rivera, a senior from Brazil studying marine biology, married his wife from Tahiti.  They said they are grateful for the Tahitian community who offered to cook for their reception.


Nate Lamoglia, married to Loren Lamoglia, a junior from the Philippines studying information technology, added, “My manager at work sponsored the wedding cake. And our friends offered what they have for the food and decoration.”


Students expressed great gratitude to all the support they received. Loren Lamoglia said, “It was a humble beginning of our journey.  Almost everything was sponsored by our friends. In fact, the wedding money we received covered all of our expenses. We were beyond blessed.”


Nate Lamoglia added, “We are eternally grateful for our friends. And we will offer the same help to those [who are getting married] in the future.”


Nozomi Gosselin, expressed, “Our friends made the reception so wonderful. We had great emcees who personalized the program to make the reception interesting and entertaining. Our friends prepared a surprise dance and song. We had our friend, who was a professional DJ, to do the music for us.”


For those who struggle with the wedding planning, Reece Gosselin suggested, “Talk to a friend who had experiences to know what to do. Don’t do everything at once. Break it down and do one part at a time.”


Nozomi Gosselin said, “If something is too expensive, find a substitute for it.”


Loren Lamoglia suggested, “Be spiritually prepared and the temporal needs will follow.  Always include the Lord in your planning.”


Rivera expressed, “Temple ordinances are the most important part of the marriage.  It’s not about how much money you spend; it’s about love. Do the expensive things later when you have the money.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, April 11, 2018