Healthy alternative dessert recipe: Frozen banana ice cream

Written by: 
Lisa Tuttle

A solution has been found for those trying to kick their unhealthy ice cream addiction. Eating a healthy treat has never been easier. There is only really one step that even a cave man could do - if he only had a blender!

Things you will need:


Bananas (Best to get Ice Cream Bananas from the Kahuku fruit stand)


1) Go to the Kahuku fruit stand on Kam highway just past Turtle Bay to buy “Ice Cream Bananas.” They are a special kind of bananas that resemble apple bananas but are creamier and sweeter. They blend the best into ice cream when frozen. If you cannot get to the stand, normal bananas will work as well.

2) Peel the bananas and place in freezer until frozen.

3) Once frozen, blend in a blender until the bananas turn into a texture that looks like ice cream. It should not take longer than a minute and a half.

4) Scoop into a dish and enjoy!