Hollywood over romanticizes love

Written by: 
Jennifer Herrera~Multimedia Jounralist

Hollywood blockbusters can be misleading in the way love is presented creating unreasonable expectations from significant others. Wishful daydreaming that your love will pursue you without creepily stalking you, the notion that getting caught in the rain together is amorous, or waking up and instantly looking beautiful are all false expectations constructed by romantic movies.

Relationships are already complicated enough without being influenced by Hollywood lies. According to an article on collegemagazine.com written by Kelsey Thomas, "Security in airports is way too strict nowadays for all of that last-minute-ditch…'fly to China because I just realized I love you' nonsense."

Commenting on Thomas statement, Laie resident Wayne Wooten said, “If there was no other way to reach her, and it was perhaps the last time I would ever see her, I would try my hardest to go after her. Especially since I live in Hawaii and it’s so expensive to travel anywhere else. But if I have another way of getting in contact with her, I would rather do it that way,” he said.

Ianitza Torres, a sophomore in TESOL from Mexico, talked about how getting rained on while kissing is usually not fun or romantic. "My boyfriend was about to kiss me, and it started raining. I immediately started thinking about my hair. It was getting all wet and it takes me about an hour to straightened out and not to mention my clothes were getting soaked in water… I just wanted to get somewhere dry again,” she said.

According to Thomas, the Hollywood movie “The Notebook” has an unforgettable scene when Noah and Allie reunite and kiss in the pouring rain. “Having to go home drenched in water and changing into dry clothes is such a hassle, and I'm sure Allie was worried about her hair and wet clothes too," Torres said with a smile.
While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, that isn’t the case in some Hollywood movie scenes. According to Thomas, “In movies, they wake up with…hair more reminiscent of a fresh prom ‘do’."

Kaman Pang, a senior in marketing from Hong Kong, said, “It’s true. Every time the girl wakes up in a movie scene, she has this nice rosy lip gloss on, and her hair is perfectly put together with perfect oil free skin…They try to make her appear as natural as possible, but it ends up looking unrealistic…I think the movies that are more realistic in my opinion are the most successful."

Wedding scenes a movies often have that awkward question during the ceremony to “speak now or forever hold your peace,” but Thomas says that is even more unrealistic. "If you been invited to a wedding and you are not okay with the couple getting married, just don't go or speak to them in private… I wouldn't yell it out in front of everyone. It’s an embarrassment to me and to the bride and groom.”

Tina Timan, a junior in social work from Micronesia, said, “I was at a wedding once, and when this question was asked, everyone was just in the most awkward silence."

Pang said often when things problems happen in relationships, people bail out. “It’s common for relationships to fall apart when things get tough; specially when you are both heading down different career paths, different states....It’s not always peachy like Hollywood makes it seem,” said Pang.