Ideas for simple romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day

Written by: 
Jennifer Herrera~Multimedia Journalist

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to bring out your romantic side and awe your darling with the perfect Valentine’s gift. There are many ways to show you care and find that special gift without your typical box of chocolates, flowers or stuffed animals.

"Making the gift as personal and unique as you can counts more than the price tag of a gift, and honestly, there is nothing more romantic than a guy cooking a nice dinner for me on Valentine’s Day," said Conky Lo, a junior majoring biology from Canada.

“It doesn't have to be super fancy or expensive; just something creative with a romantic twist to it. Once on Valentine’s Day, this guy I was dating cooked chicken Parmesan with rice and he served the rice on the plate in the shape of a heart…and it made my heart melt," added Lo.

Now if hitting up the kitchen is not your best skill, perhaps bringing out the poet in you can leave your significant other wanting to read more with a gift of words. "I think it would be really cute if a guy were to memorize a cute Valentine’s poem and recite it to me while looking deep into my eyes," said Kate

Pearson, a sophomore majoring in ICS communications from England. "Writing me a poem on a Valentine’s card would be nice as well or just simply writing a special message, but of course one that he came up with," added Pearson with a laugh.

It seems the key to a man’s heart is in his stomach, according to freshman and undeclared major Kai Alonzo from Laie. “Most guys don’t really care so much for teddy bears or anything with the word 'Love' on it…not to sound like a jerk. You can’t go wrong with just giving me something to eat. In my opinion Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate our love for each other not about materials. I don’t really expect a gift from a girl,” said Alonzo.

Satisfying his sweet tooth can be another way of giving him the ultimate Valentine’s gift, suggests Kit Maldonado a sophomore from the Philippines. “I like chocolate everything. If a girl were to give like a basket full of my favorite chocolates candy bars, that would be pretty awesome,” said Maldonado.