Inside BYUHSA: Student Advisory Council

Written by: 
Greg Erickson ~ Intern

Although BYUHSA is always working on campus-based projects and events, there are still students who are unaware of what responsibilities the presidency and six different areas within the organization hold. Each area within
BYUHSA has two vice presidents, several executive directors, and is always open to volunteers.

The BYU-Hawaii Student Advisory Council (SAC) has played an important role in representing the student’s voice throughout the campus and community this past academic year. According to the BYUHSA charter, the purpose of SAC is to provide, “resources to advise the university on student issues and concerns.”

Currently serving as senior vice president of SAC, Nathan Cunningham a business management major from Texas, said, “Our purpose is to make campus life better by opening dialogue between students and administration on a variety of issues. One way we do that is by providing student representatives for university committees and councils.”

With help from other departments on campus, SAC was active in addressing different needs around the university. The council answered students’ concerns by restructuring the admissions process that resulted in a new student portal and a team that periodically reviews its functionality.

In an interview with the university newsroom, Carston Feigleson, a senior studying supply chain in operations management, said, “I really like that you can plan your classes around your own needs, so if you have to reserve a particular time of the day for a break or work, the schedule planner can help you come up with that schedule.”

The advisory council also revamped the student employment system to simplify the process for students to be hired, and helped stop the towing of cars to establish a process of ticketing that both security and students understand. The advisory council also responded to issues in the new Hales regarding needed appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators.

SAC conducted financial aid forums to prepare both domestic and international students to qualify and understand scholarship opportunities. SAC also organized a forum for the selection of a new SLAS director. The council similarly conducted a survey of over 300 participants to discover opportunities for improvement with new student orientation and sat in on hiring boards for new counseling services employees and the new security director.

All students are encouraged to get involved in BYUHSA. Each semester there are various leadership positions open and plenty of opportunities to serve. Questions and concerns can always be shared directly with any member of BYUHSA by going into their office or emailing the respective area vice presidents.

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