Jumping into summer goals

Written by: 
Dani Castro

School may be over soon, but according to BYU-Hawaii students, learning never ends. Some say, whether goals are financial, linguistic, career oriented, health motivated, or educational, they shouldn’t be deterred by excuses. You achieve what you work for.

“I think goals are important because they can help us work hard to improve, but they can be hard to keep sometimes when we don’t think we can accomplish them, said Lina Wong, a freshman studying music from California. “Whether it’s waking up earlier or eating healthier, sometimes goals seem too hard to do. We don’t always want to work harder or wake up earlier, even if it’ll help us.

“I know I personally make excuses, like, ‘I went to bed late’ or, ‘I’ll be tired during the day.’ Excuses and procrastination is a big hurdle to overcome when it comes to goals, but we just need to remember we can do hard things.”

Initially, students like Chesser Cowan, a freshman from New Zealand studying psychology, didn’t have a goal when asked, but afterwards, he said, “I know with the long break ahead I need to be cautious with what I do with my money. I’m not as good with managing money when I need it most and how much I can relatively save, so it makes me think that this summer I’ll get on top with saving [money].

“Another goal I think I’d like to do is to be able to do some handstand walks. I think if I can master handstand walking, I can master listening in class more effectively. Weird, but true.”

Some goals are relatively simple, according to Gabriela Gomez, a senior from Guatemala studying ICS. “I'm planning to do my internship, and I want to learn a new skill, like a new language or instrument. I would also like to read as many books as possible, because I love learning.”

For Erica Greer, a junior from Virginia studying exercise science, having multiple goals helps motivate her to look at the road ahead. She said, “I want to finish my internships, enjoy my summer trips, and I hope to finish my summer class with an A. I need my internship to graduate. I’m taking the summer class as a prerequisite for grad school, and the vacations will help be a good breather to relax.

“I want to get into a good grad school, so I want a worthwhile internship and to get a good grade for my summer class. I also need to relax just a bit so when I’m on vacation, I will not think about responsibilities. I’m sure by the end of summer, all my goals will be done.”

Goals can be difficult sometimes, according to Wong, she shared that starting new habits can be hard, but it’s easier when you replace old habits with new ones.

“One goal I have for summer is to eat healthier and exercise regularly,” said Wong. “I made that goal because my diet lately has been made up of chocolate bars and ice cream. I want to eat better and be healthier.

“To achieve that goal, I plan to stop eating junk food so often and start running in the morning. It’ll probably be hard to wake up early to run, but I’ll try my best. Hopefully this summer will help set a more-healthy standard for myself when school starts again in the fall.

“Another goal I have is to practice trombone for at least an hour every day in the summer. Going for too long without playing, especially for brass instruments, can really throw you off track. Practicing everyday can get tedious but you’ve just got to remember you’re always improving. That’s how I stay diligent in musical goals.”

Optimistically, Cowan said making goals is an on-going process, and that it’ll never end as long as he has the desire to improve himself. He said, “I don’t think I’ll ever finish managing ways to saving money. I think I’ll just be that cheap guy not wanting to spend anything, but if I do master this, I plan to be relatively comfortable three months in. As for handstands, give me about 2 weeks.

“I’ll probably get to achieving them by first tracking what I usually do with my money, and then put a cap on what I should ideally use. For handstands, I’ll probably just do them, evaluate, practice again.”


Date Published: 
Monday, July 9, 2018
Last Edited: 
Monday, July 9, 2018