Kahuku food trucks give students food options

Written by: 
Sam Spring ~ Multimedia Journalist

As BYU-Hawaii students look to add variety to their current dining choices of McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, and Seven Brothers, the food trucks in Kahuku provide a refreshing variety of diverse foods and snacks such as Thai, American, Hawaiian barbecue, and Mexican.

Talia Strong, a junior majoring in psychology from Escalon, Calif., said she loves the Thai food truck. “The spring rolls are the best. They are delicious because they have the peanut sauce.” Strong said, “They also have really good soup. Plus the little lady that works there is so sweet. She always remembers me.”

Grace Alspaugh, a senior in ICS from Washington, said she also enjoys the tasty peanut sauce from the Thai truck.

While Strong and Alspaugh prefer Thai food, Ju Dicenzo, a freshman majoring in exercise sports science from Utah, prefers Giovanni’s shrimp truck. Dicenzo explained, “I only recommend it if you like good shrimp. The service isn’t that good but the shrimp is worth it.”

Another popular truck Nelly’s. It is recently added truck offering an authentic Mexican taste that can be difficult to find on the island. Michelle Winchell, a senior in elementary education from Ramona, Calif., said, “It is real Mexican food, just like from back in San Diego. It’s fairly cheap and delicious.”

Steve Smith, a junior from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., majoring in exercise sports science, said he loves the corn truck. “They put the cheese and the chilli powder on it. It is so good. Plus it makes me feel like Nacho Libre when I eat it.”

Smith said he also likes to go to the OnoYo frozen yogurt truck. This truck is very popular among students as it is the only choice for frozen yogurt in the community. Smith said, “I like that they have tropical flavors. It’s like Hawaii in my mouth.”

Karla Anivillo, a senior from Chile majoring in education, said, “Oh my gosh, I love Ono Yo so much. I go there all the time because it is delicious, but it is the only frozen yogurt place around here.”