Kay Ng finds success through hard work, perseverance, and positivity

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Geena DeMaio
Kay Ng said she spends a lot of time in the library.


Gratitude most notably inspires her achievements, shared Ng Tsz Ki, a senior from Hong Kong double majoring in accounting and information systems.

“It has been a blessing for me to come to BYU–Hawaii and I’m so grateful for the time that I’ve spent at this wonderful place,” said Ng.

Ng, more familiarly known as Kay by others, described her time in college. Regarding overcoming her challenges, she said, “Always remaining grateful has helped me to become more aware of the blessings that I have.

“I chose BYU–Hawaii mainly because of my brother and the members of the Church. They recommended this school to me,” Kay explained. Her brother, who attended BYUH from 2013-2014, said he especially loved the people at BYUH and the culture even though he is not a member of the Church. Kay continued, “I got accepted into several colleges, but I still chose BYUH.”

Living in Laie, Kay said, “One thing I love particularly is even when there is someone who doesn’t really know you, they will smile in acknowledgment while greeting you.”

Kay shared her growth of learning English through perseverance and dedication. “Before taking major classes, I needed to take many English as an International Language courses. I used to be in the Reading and Writing Center often to evaluate my progress,” she expressed. “In the future when I enter the business environment, English will still be an important skill no matter where I will be in the workplace.

“As a student here, my goal has been to do the best that I could in all things. I try to become a better person every day,” she expressed. In order to fulfill this goal, Kay said, “One of the most important things I did was get up early every morning and start the day with a positive attitude. This helped me be more productive during the day.”

Kylen Wyatt, a junior from California studying psychology, lived with Kay for the past year and agreed Kay is dedicated and disciplined in her work and study, as Kay organizes herself early in the morning. 

Wyatt said, “Kay is one of the most ambitious and determined people that I know. She does her best to succeed and is willing to work efficiently and effectively to get to that point. She’s kind and considerate and doesn’t focus solely on herself but those around her.”

Ryan Domingo, a senior from the Philippines double majoring in accounting and finance, has worked with Kay for almost a year in the accounting office at the Polynesian Cultural Center. He shared, “The thing I am impressed with Kay is her flexibility, as she is double majoring too.”

Domingo said, “I always see her in the library at night. Even when our work demands a lot of thinking just like we have in class, she continues studying after work.”

For nearly two years, Kay has worked in the PCC as a student auditor, with a total duration at the PCC Finance Department for more than three years. At work, Kay said she learned different operations from various departments while auditing. “I related the lessons taught in class to my work in real-life application.”

Domingo shared, “There was a time I had to conduct an audit training, and I was impressed with how she remembers everything discussed in class and was able to apply that in the real world.” Domingo added that Kay used examples specific to the problem discussed in class to the audit training. “She remembers everything from class and makes the bridge while at work.”

Kay said, “While working at PCC, it has not only helped me financially, but has also prepared me for the skills I will need for my future career.” Kay said the people at BYUH have helped her the most in supporting and achieving her goals.

While balancing school and work, Domingo shared, “She’s so smart. Every time we have appointments, she’s on time and she really makes sure to attend every project we have.

“She’s an organized person from the work field. Our schedule is not fixed. If our project is at nighttime, we have to arrange it but Kay still makes it on time.”

Domingo said he is grateful for Kay’s patience and understanding as a senior auditor while he is a junior auditor. “I haven’t done my lapses, and she’s been helping me to know what to do. If I don’t know how to fix a computer, she can fix it for me.”


Date Published: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018