Keep your love warm through the winter

Written by: 
Makaila Bergeso ~ Multimedia Journalist

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches and the winter rain continues to pour down, students at BYU-Hawaii shared their insights on how to help keep relationships strong.

“The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to always think of the other person and not yourself,” said Michael Mallory, a sophomore in English from Utah. “If you’re thinking of them more than yourself, there is constant progression rather than a constant take-take-take attitude.”

Mallory explained when someone becomes so focused on themselves, they are unable to see their companion’s point of view, thus causing contention. “If you’re unselfish and you’re thinking about the other person and their side of the story, then you’ll come to understand them better, both in arguments and in everyday life.”

Aside from being selfless, learning to understand and communicate is a key factor in maintaining a working relationship, according to Denise Davis, a freshman in exercise science from New York. “Communicate. Communicate everything,” said Davis. “Communication is just big because if people aren’t willing to talk, then nothing gets resolved.” Davis emphasized that communication will also avoid contention.

Harland Reist, a junior in exercise sports science from Utah, also said he felt communication is key, especially in maintaining a successful long-distance relationship. “I’d say communication and trust are two of the most important things. You have to be on the same page with the other person. You have to know each other’s expectations and also trust the other person.” Learning to trust takes time and effort, said Reist, but it all comes down to putting the other person above yourself.

Reist also agreed with Mallory that it’s the little things that really matter. “Just work to make them happy. It’s the small things that help keep a relationship warm, in the winter months especially.”